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    Catherine Horton Guest

    Default weekend getaway SF

    I just moved to San Francisco from Boulder 3 weeks ago and desperately need a weekend away. Something preferably quiet, near or on the water, low-key and around $50 a night. Any suggestions? I don't mind driving far, or on the PCH. I'd take any ideas!

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    Drive up SR1 to Fort Bragg! There's lots of stuff going on there this weekend -- see their website -- just run a search on your home page for Fort Bragg California and it will grab it for you.

    Call the Surf Motel at 1-800-339-5361. They have rooms left (a few, anyway) for $50-$60 plus tax. Very nice lady.

    Fort Bragg is perfect for the parameters you specified. Tell them Uncle Bob sent you.

    (But what is it about SFO that you have to get away from after just three weeks? I'd be as happy as a hog in a mud puddle if I was there!)

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    Default Russian River Valley

    Spring has sprung in the Russian River valley -- there are a bunch of cool bars and places to dip your toes in the river. The Casini Ranch Family Campground is not particular about whether you sleep in your car, tent or RV and it is a great place to unwind from the rigors of the city. Prices top out at around $25 per night.

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