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  1. Default DC to Florida - need ideas

    Taking this trip in a few weeks. Need some good ideas and places to see so can map out route to take based on what worth seeing.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Libby - Short of being a mind reader, it's tough for me or anyone else to tell you what you should see or what route you should take. RoadTrips are such personal adventures that what I would do could bear little or no resemblance to what you would do. About all I can tell you is that I-95 is the most direct route and there is a pretty good book describing what's available along that well travelled highway. You should also have a look through any of the postings that ask about similar trips. (Use the Search function on the smaller, second toolbar at the top of this page.) If you let us know of your specific interests, desires or time constraints, then we might be able to be of more direct assistance.


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    Default General advice

    Hi Libby,

    I agree with Buck, it's kind of hard to guess what you'd be interested into since you didn't tell us much about rouself. However, here are some general tips on east coast attractions to help you get started.


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