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    Default Seattle to Yosemite or Hwy 101 aka The Coast? :)

    So we decided to pack up the 4 year old twins and my mother and rent an RV this July. Only problem is that we don't know which way we want to go?

    Where will the twins have more fun? The coast will have lots of cute little places by the sea and it's extremely scenic!

    Yosemite is one of those places everybody has got to see but will the kids grow bored and not fully get it?

    Which route would you take from Seattle to Yosemite? Advice! Advice!

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    Default Books and links

    Welcome back Kstorie!

    How was your trip to the south west last summer?

    Only problem is that we don't know which way we want to go?
    Unfortunately, I haven't been to either destinations, so I can only point out at the links at the bottom of this page. Here's a book about Yosemite and one about the Pacific Coast Highway you might find interesting in helping you making the right choice. I'm sure many contributors who've been in those two places will hop in with some learned suggestions and tips.

    Have a fun trip!

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