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    Default Coast to Coast - Family from OZ

    We drove coast to coast across Australia last year 4,600kms and have now decided on another whim - USA East Coast to West Coast. Starting maybe from Boston and ending in LA or SFO. Would like to see the scenery, Real America (not just the big cities)and so on. Planning to do this in about 20days or so. Can it be done ?
    Ideas please....

    Greetings from OZ

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    It would take years to see all this country has to offer so a 20-day overview isn't a bad idea at all. I would suggest spending lots of time on this website reading the posts and the various articles. I would also spend a lot of time on other websites and with some good guidebooks. Then you can start narrowing down the route in order to see the highlights you have chosen. After you have narrowed your route down a bit, then I would come back here and ask people for more specifics.

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    Default Roughly the size -- but more roads here

    Wow, that sounds like quite an adventure. Here in the USA, you will find it easier in some ways, tougher in others. For starters, if you were really to see some of each of the lower 48 states, you would need to travel a minimum of 16,667 KM, such a distance is impossible in twenty days, even if you only stopped for petrol.

    I would think about the types of places, things that interest you about the USA and choose a route the accomodates some of them. Twenty days is a great leagth for a road trip -- but I would choose a region or two of the country and go for the quality of the experience instead of the quantity.

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