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    Default british student needs help planning us road trip!

    Hi everyone

    I finish my college course next June and me and a friend were planning on spending the summer travelling around the states - by car! Just wondering if anyone could help us by providing us with information about where we can hire a cheap car for a couple of months, where are the best theme parks in america, recommended places to visit, a budget we should bare in mind for 2 months travelling etc.

    I would really appreciate some feedback for this thread as I am really excited about this trip and therefore need to plan ahead.

    Thanks again


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    Default Cheap is Relative

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    With two months to play with, you could certainly see as much or as little of America as you're of a mind to. Finding a cheap car for the journey is a bit more problematical. To rent one would run you around $1000 (£575) per month. To that you'd have to add about $25 per day for each driver under 24 and the cost of insurance if you don't already have coverage that would extend to the rental. Another alternative is to buy a car and try to resell it before you return to Britain, or as noted in this thread, there are a few companies that specialize in leases to foreigners. Also be sure to check out the links on hints for international travelers and the Art of the Cheap RoadTrip.

    As to the best theme parks, that's not really my forte, but some of the more well-known ones are Disneyland and Disney World, the Six Flags parks, Busch Gardens, and Cedar Point (in Sandusky, OH - one of the oldest such parks in the world.) Hopefully, that's enough to get you started, if not - don't hesitate to ask further questions.


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    If you fancy it, you could check out and look for the "Work America" and "Work Canada" programmes. BUNAC will sort out a working Visa for you so you can work for up to a year in the US or Canada (depending which one you apply for). That way you can gain some extra cash, meet more people, stay longer etc...

    Hope you enjoy the trip!

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