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    Default US50 - can you do the whole route in 12 days?

    Can you drive the entire length of US50 in 12 days driving only 5 hours a day? If not, how many hours a day will it take?

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    Default Totally doable


    The whole lenght of the trip is approximately 3 600 miles. Divided by 12 days = 267 miles per day. So yes, I think 5-6 hours is reasonnable although you might experience delays in certain areas. Here's a report I wrote about my latest trip to the south west. On this trip, I used US 50 through parts of Utah and Nevada. I strongly suggest Spencer Hot Springs and the burgers at International Café in Austin, NV. You're going to have a wonderful drive I am sure!


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    Default A difference of opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by Paolo99
    US-50 in 12 days driving only 5 hours a day? If not, how many hours a day will it take?l
    Driving US-50 is not like driving on the Interstates, there will be frequent slow-downs (under highway speed) due to the small towns it passes through (especially for all sections east of the Rockies). If you kept to five hours per day, you might be able to cover the distance in thirteen days.


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    Default Ta very much

    You are both most kind - thanks.

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