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    HI everyone! We are trying to plan a summer trip from den to Pittsburg (to see the steelers stadium) then phila to see family then back to den. Would love advice on stops along the way. We have two boys 6 and 8 (should be great, I know ;) we would like to plan three days for travel. 3 days there and 3 days back. Planning to drive overnight one night and stay in a hotel one night ideally with a pool. Would like to go different ways there and back to see new things. Possibly great wolf lodge in Cincinnati. I've done the map wizard which shows me the two different ways there and back but would love advice on where to stay, eat, what to see?!? Thanks so much!

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    Default You may like to reconsider your plan

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The trip you outlined, by the most direct routes, i.e. I-70 one way and I-80 the other is a solid three days' drive each way. There will not be any time for sightseeing, and perhaps a minimum of time to seek out the stadium. It certainly will not be fun for the young ones, and travelling through the night is probably the worst thing you can do on a trip like this.

    You may like to reconsider for the safety of your family and all other road users.

    A trip like this needs to be thought of and approached in the same manner as an athlete approaches a marathon. Three equal days, with a good eight hours' sleep at the end of each day, with time to have decent meal breaks and time to stretch your legs, refocus your mind and give the boys an opportunity to let off steam and burn that pent-up energy.

    A detour through Cincinatti would be out of the question with your current time frame.


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    I am very much in agreement with Lifey. My parents drove a very, very long distance once without stopping, with us kids in the back sleeping, and it was not a lot of fun for us. It was also downright dangerous, something my father now realizes (in retrospect). Please have a heart and don't do that to your kids.

    As for where to eat and sleep, with 1800 miles in 3 days (which is still more than RTA generally recommends), you should plan your overnight stops about 600 miles apart. Many motels offer continental breakfasts. My husband and I like to ask at the motel, where is a good place to go for dinner that is not a chain restaurant?


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