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  1. Default LAS-DEN in early April (4 days)

    Hi all - my first post, thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.

    I have 4 days clear at the end of a long-haul trip from Europe to the west coast in March/April and was wondering what the feasibility is of being able to drive from Vegas to Denver in that time. This is primarily about seeing what's out of the window, covering around 200 miles per day, but I hope there's going to be some time for getting out and about.

    Dates are 2nd-6th April. Is there still likely to be significant snow risk on the Utah/Colorado roads to make the limited timescale inadvisable? Assuming the trip is do-able, is it wise to divert off the Interstate to improve the outlooks?!

    I appreciate there are threads with route advice, but it appears that many take rather longer over the journey. So I'm looking to take the most scenic driving route rather than visit the best museums or attractions. Any thoughts welcomed.

    Final question - do I tick the snow tires box on the rental car reservation?

    Best wishes from Scotland.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 4 days, you certainly have the opportunity to make an enjoyable trip. If you stick to the freeways, you could make the drive in a day and a half, so you'll have a fair amount of time to explore.

    There are also no shortage of scenic options along the way either. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands are just some of the National Parks right along the way, and that's just in Utah! Even if you stuck to the Interstate, you'd be in for a nice drive, as that is arguably one of the most scenic freeways in the world.

    As far as the Weather, early april certainly isn't too late to see a winter storm in the mountains, and area/roads that close for the winter likely won't be open yet, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying the trip. I will say, if there is a winter storm, diverting off the Interstate onto other roads is the worst possible move. Interstates get the first priority in bad weather, so if those are impassible, other roads will only be worse. If you have the opportunity to get snow tires, it wouldn't hurt to do it, but frankly, I'd be shocked if they would be an option, especially if you pick up in Vegas. All-Season tires are the standard on rental cars.

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    Default Scenic no matter what.

    You could drive to the south rim of the Grand canyon and then go through Monument valley to Moab which is close to Arches and Canyonlands NP's and to I70 towards Denver. Another option would be to drive through Monument valley and head to Durango with a possible visit to Mesa Verde NP. From Durango you could head up the spectacular 'Milliom dollar Highway' [US550] through the mountain towns of Silverton and Ouray and then head east on US50 past Black canyon, through Currecanti Nat rec area and over Monarch pass before cutting up towrads Denver from Poncha Springs. These options are subject to possible weather diruption so keep an eye on the forecasts and road conditions.

    If you want to avoid one way drop off fees on your car rental and possibly save money on flights [?] you could consider doing a loop from Vegas by going north to Zion NP and then through Page and south to the Grand canyon and back to Vegas with the possibility to visit Bryce canyon and/or Monument valley along the way. You won't miss out on scenic drives whatever you decide !

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    Many thanks Dave and Michael for your quick and helpful responses. Sounds like all should be on then. Amazingly, my rental does have a box to tick to request winter tires, albeit for an additional $19.99 per day. Sounds like I needn't bother though. Thanks again and have a good Christmas.

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