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  1. Default Driving from Wenatchee to Seattle.....what to take I-90 or US 2

    I am driving tomorrow to Seattle from Wenatchee, am requesting for some advice on which highway to drive. Either I-90 or US 2. i am not really particular on which one to take, i just wanted the one which is the safest and with least chances of getting snow.

    I drove from Vancouver to Wenatchee last monday and it was a stressful drive because we run into some snow. We had some chains available however when i tried to attach it to my tires it did not fit, so i have to deflate my tires and drive the rest of the way with deflated tires instead. We got to our hotel safe and sound and i went out to buy some chains the next day.

    Then when i attached the new chains to my car, however it badly scraped the side of my fender because there was a small piece of chain dangling and it kept on scraping against the fender. i just wanted to share so other people will not make the same mistake as me. thanks.

    thanks very much!


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    Default Winter basics.

    If you are driving tomorrow, then get onto the weather sites and see which of the two chosen routes are free of storms, while you are on the road. It all depends on the weather, as to which route you take. You should probably have checked that before you left Vancouver, so you could plan your route away from any storms. When choosing a route you also need to be aware that the interstates take priority when it comes to clearing the snow.

    With a mere 140 miles, if you strike snow and storm again, get off the road and hole up in a hotel/motel until the storm has passed and the roads are clear again.

    You should not be using chains if you have never put them on, or driven with them. You should know how to put them on, and that they are the right size, before you start a trip.

    It really is best to get off the road and sit out the storm. That is why we always recommend you make sure you have enough time in your trip plan, to be able to get off the road for inclement weather.


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    Default bad news either way

    As always the "safest" path rarely has anything to do with the route you pick - it's all about your approach to the drive.

    The reality is that the two passes aren't that far apart, so the odds of one seeing good weather and the other seeing bad weather are slim - and the ability to pick the one that will have better weather during the exact time you are traveling is close to impossible.

    The bad news is that snow is forecast for tomorrow, so it's unlikely you'll be able to avoid it. Really the only things I can recommend is that you check your chains - if they are fit properly they shouldn't do any damage, and that's one of the reasons we strongly recommend you practice putting them on and make sure they fit before you get out on the road. I would also look closely at the WSDot road conditions site before you get out on the road, and try to make your best guess on where you'll have the best luck.

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    If you take US-2, you only have to deal with Stevens Pass. If you take I-90 you have to deal with Blewett Pass and Snoqualmie Pass. At this exact minute, chains are required on both Stevens and Snoqualmie unless you have 4 wheel drive. The miles driven either way are pretty close.

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    There's a DOT camera near the top of Stevens' Pass (at 4000 ft). According to the ski area website, 9 inches recently fell, and more is expected! They're a ski resort, so they're excited. Travelers may not be so enamored.

    Stevens Pass Mountain Cams, scroll down for the US-2 DOT footage.

    Here is the same idea, but for Snoqualmie Pass.

    My husband, an ex-trucker, has been holed up at least once, waiting for Snoqualmie Pass to reopen as he headed eastward with a load. It's an interstate, so likely to see some maintenance early on.


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    Hope the OP got where he was going. As of this morning, both passes are closed, though Stevens is supposed to reopen by 10 am PST.


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    To amplify a bit - the TV News in Seattle is reporting that Snoq pass will remain closed ALL DAY and will be re-evaluated tonight (Christmas Eve).
    On our way in to Seattle on Tues we saw traffic held up Eastbound for avalanche control. The line of vehicles was at least 5 miles long with more still coming up the hill.

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