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  1. Default Finding my winter destination

    A little about me: I am a 21 year old guy who lives a strongly independent vagabonding lifestyle. Everything I own fits easily inside my SUV. I have traveled thousands of miles before, primarily in the eastern US, meeting people along the way and working odd jobs. I enjoy traveling the old fashioned way, sticking to two lane roads, meeting and greeting strangers, helping out hitchhikers and other wayfarers, using maps and plotting my own routes, camping in beautiful secluded impromptu campsites.

    I've spent the summer working and living at a hiking resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After Thanksgiving, I will hit the road south again with five grand in my pocket. Anyone from warmer climes want to put out a word for their city or region? I've had Brownsville Texas and Key West Florida in mind but only because they represent extreme southern points. I'm open to suggestions of all kinds.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    How long do you want to be on the road and where do you want to wind up?

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    I normally travel 60-120 miles a day when road tripping. I will start in North Carolina after visiting my parents, and end up someplace opposite my current residence, which is 30 miles from nearest Walmart, cold, wild, mountainous, full of rich yuppie hikers, and 98% white.

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    Default Budget wise.

    Not sure about TX, but FL is going to be quite expensive - if budget is going to be a concern. Any legal campsite is likely already taken by the snowbirds. You might find southern AZ more suited to your lifestyle. I know that is where many of the vandwellers go. Check out the vandweller forums.


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    I meant how many days/weeks/months? And, I assume you meant you will be returning to NH?

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    Last winter I camped with the Rainbow tribe in the Apalachicola National Forest in the Florida Panhandle for a few days. I've never been in the peninsula part of Florida though. Good point about the price, if I am staying for a few days in a place I would need affordable local accommodations.

    I don't plan on returning to NH, this is only a temp gig up here. My future schedule is wide open.

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