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    We are two Australians and one American, all in our late 20s, setting off on our first big road trip across this beautiful country.

    From mid-June we're driving from NY to Texas to see a Tom Waits concert, then driving back. Everything is in place - the money is saved, the route is mapped - but we still haven't found exactly the vehicle that feels right.

    We've got plenty of fall-back options, like taking a mid-size car from Avis or Hertz, which we'll happily settle for in the end, but some part of us still feels we should be undertaking this adventure in a big-old classic American car.

    We've budgeted around $1500 for 10 days hire, but we're flexible - this is once in a lifetime for us and I guess we've always pictured ourselves in some 1960s-70s beast, 2-lanes wide with no roof... that sort of thing.

    Maybe it's all just day-dreaming, those trips might not even be possible anymore, but if anyone could shed some light we'd be so grateful.

    J, M and S

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    Default reality

    I understand why you would want to drive something you consider classic, for your classic road trip, but there are a few things to consider before image.

    My first concern is the environmental impact. An older, larger car isn't as green friendly as something newer and with less gasses output.

    My second concern is for the miles per gallon you will get with an older, larger car. With gas on the rise I would recommend something that gets great mileage. In NY I am paying $4.20/ gallon for regular.

    Whatever you choose to rent, safe journeys, and have a wonderful time.

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    Default Not really possible

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I really don't know of any company that rents classic cars, certainly not for the kind of long haul trip that you are talking about. The reality is the logistics of trying to maintain old cars like that for a rental fleet just don't work from a business stand point. You'd have to charge so much to cover your costs, almost no one would be able be able to afford it.

    Modern Convertables are widely available, and some companies have created a specialty line of all sorts of sports cars and other exotic vehicles that are available for rent. That could add to the fun of your trip, beyond the standard mid-sized sedan.

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    Default haha

    I'll give you my 1964 mercury comet caliente....but it's not a convertible....besides, since it's stock, it's not as fun to drive (no power anything) and it only gets 10 mpg..but it sure looks hot.

  5. Default thanks for the laugh

    Quote Originally Posted by wanderlust524 View Post
    I'll give you my 1964 mercury comet caliente....but it's not a convertible....besides, since it's stock, it's not as fun to drive (no power anything) and it only gets 10 mpg..but it sure looks hot.

    I'm driving x-country in a Honda CR-V. It gets about 30 MPG on a flat highway... 24 in the city. But, it has more room than a car. It's a small SUV. I once rented a Toyota Rav4. I just like the size and handling of the small SUVs.


  6. Default Mustang

    my suggestion is to rent a 2007 convertable Ford Mustang. Most rental companys have them and they are not too expensive. pretty spacey too. If your going to a Tom Waits concert, i say go in style

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