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  1. Default in the first stage of planing!!

    I'm really pleased I found you all!! I am just looking to plan our next holiday, we have spent the last 7 years on holiday in florida as the kids were young, but now they are older (12 & 9) I am looking at having a bit more adventure in our lives, and they will like it!!

    the trip will be in august 2016 as we need to be in school holidays.
    my plan is that we fly into vegas (need to fly VA as I am using flying miles) and they only fly direct to Las Vegas, or Orlando from where we are!


    few days in vegas
    then grand canyon, Zion and Bryce
    back to vegas?? but would rather not!
    death valley

    would like to do the road trip in a RV but if it is too expensive we can just take the car and then book accomodation, but I think they would end up balancing out.

    spend a few days on a beach before flying home?? so we could fly back down to florida then home from there or a few days down the coast, then fly back out of vegas.

    I thought that I could spend the last 4/5 days in a resort where we could chill and access water sports and surfing stuff or kayaking but it was all inclusive?? so we could use it if we wanted or not!!

    so I know this is the usual road trip scenario and I am reading lots about it, but any help pointers and suggestions are more than expected, positive or negative xx

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    Default Nice family trip.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    An RV can be a fun way to travel as a family if it is your 'thing', but it will not be the budget friendly option compared to a car and family Motel room. Not only is the rental expensive from the start, once you have added mileage charges, kitchen and bathroom kits, high fuel consumption [8-10mpg] and campground fees, it starts to add up. So if it's a Lifestyle choice and your budget can manage it, it's a great way to see the National parks.

    It's a very popular trip and you will find a lot of info by searching around the RTA site. A loop works well, heading south down the coast from SF to LA [possibly San Diego and back to LV.

    back to vegas?? but would rather not!]
    Then don't ! lol If you want to see Death valley then just drive through but DV will be extremely hot in August so a 'drive thru' might be best. If not, from Zion you could take a more direct route to Yosemite via Tonopah and the ET Highway. You would need to book lodgings/campgrounds in the NP's well in advance when travelling in August.

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    If you rent a RV, you will not be allowed to take it through Death Valley in August due to the extreme heat. You will have to do it car/hotel.

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    Default A Workable Loop

    If you're flying Virgin Atlantic into Las Vegas on points, then it make perfect sense to fly back to the UK between the same city pair. Not only will this possibly cost fewer points, but it will definitely lower the car hire fees. And there's no necessity to spend any more time in Las Vegas than you deem necessary. A loop that left from and returned to Las Vegas, and covered every item on your wish list could be driven in just about four days. Schedule a day on arrival to get over the jet lag and that still only 'costs' you five days (plus flying) of your holiday, leaving the rest of it to spend actually at and enjoying the places you're traveling so far to get to.

    Such a loop would go like this: Leave Las Vegas On I-15 up into southern Utah and see Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks; Take US-89 south to Cameron AZ and then take AZ-64 through Grand Canyon National Park to Williams; Take I-40 west into California past Mojave National Preserve to Barstow and use CA-58 to connect with I-5 up into the San Francisco area; Enjoy Point Reyes National Seashore and the beaches south of San Francisco for as long as you'd like; When you're ready head inland on I-80/CA-120 to Yosemite and over Tioga Pass to US-395 south: Depending on how much time you have left and what the weather is like you can either cut over from Big Pines on CA-168/NV-266 north of Death Valley to US-95 south to Las Vegas, or from Lone Pine on CA-136/CA-190 through Death Valley and then take local roads (State Line Road, Ash Meadow Road, Bell Vista Road) to Parhump NV and NV-160 back into Las Vegas.

    Whichever routes you end up taking there are a few things to know about our national park system. The first is that they will sell you an annual pass for $80. This is good for the admission to all parks, monuments, seashores, etc. for the holder and everyone in his/her vehicle. Since the year starts at purchase, it makes the most sense to simply buy this at the first par you come to that charges admission. The second is the excellent Junior Ranger Program. These are age-appropriate activities designed for 5-13 year olds that will teach them about the history, geology, natural beauty, etc. of the specific park, and when completed earn the child some fairly nice (and free) souvenirs including certificates and badges. And finally, every park has a Visitor Center or Ranger Station. Make ample use of these. The people manning them are the experts on their particular park and will be more than happy to help you design a day's activities that are custom tailored to your interests and activity level as well as any time specific highlights such as animal migrations or forest fires.


  5. Default

    wow thank you all especially AZ this is really invaluable advice.
    I have been looking at the route as a loop and trying to work out where to stay!! if we take a car we could then stay in some different types of places.
    I thought we would spend a few days in vegas, then stay at zion/bryce for a couple of days, then somewhere where we could just have a quick look at the grand canyon, and monument valley. stay in san fran then stay in Yosemite .
    the kids need to have something to do so I need some down time ie swimming pool, water park so I am trying to check out the accommodation on the route.

    I have been checking out rv prices and wow they are rather expensive! the kids really liked the idea of this, and I thought it would mean we could have a bit more freedom with what we do and when! but I don't want to take it to san fran! and we can't go through death valley.


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    Kids and travel -- I traveled with my parents, I traveled with my own kids. Swimming pools are available at many motels/hotels/lodges as well as RV parks, and are always a draw for kids. My kids were always allowed to carry a small satchel or bag with things to entertain them in the car. When they were in their pre-teen and teen years, this usually included a Walkman (OK, I'm dating myself; today it would be some form of personal music entertainment such as iPod or iTouch), books, writing materials, and travel-sized games. Their favorites were Connect 4 (we still have that one around here someplace) and the car bingo games -- but I daresay that these are now apps for smartphones these days. Once in the motel, they were allowed a little TV but were usually stuck with what Mom or Dad wanted to watch (which was usually the weather reports).

    Believe me, as a former RV'er, I loved traveling with ours. But it is NOT a choice in San Francisco, or anywhere in the Bay Area for that matter. It's also expensive, as was pointed out, especially for someone who has to rent it.


  7. Default

    Renting an RV can be expensive

    Renting an RV can be DIRT CHEAP!!!

    Plan your trip without an RV but keep checking the RV websites for special deals, especially one way deals. You might get lucky and find one that fits your travel plans, at least for part of your vacation. You could find deals for $49 per night, or $25 per night, or even under $10 per night! I know because I've done it.

    Last September we rented a Cruise America RV from San Fransisco to Phoenix Arizona. We had a wonderful time sightseeing the fabulous Pacific Coast Highway and staying at some wonderful State Parks. There was a 95% discount so we paid well under $10 per day. That was the best deal we ever snagged. From Phoenix, we rented a car and continued our vacation in Vagas.

    Right now they need an RV moved from Gainsville Florida to Orlando Florida. The cost is $30 per night but you only get 5 nights, any additional days are full price That would still be enough to do some camping and get a taste of RVing. Maybe a similar deal will come up next year.

    Besides one way deals, they sometimes offer local deals such as Vegas. These deals can go quickly, sometimes the same day they are posted. Keep looking and you just might get lucky. And if something looks good jump on it immediately! If it looks really good I might just beat you to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travelingman View Post
    Renting an RV can be expensive

    Renting an RV can be DIRT CHEAP!!!
    Travelingman I heartily agree that relocating is a great way to cut down on travel costs. It just means one needs to be flexible and not tied to a fixed itinerary, to pick up a vehicle.

    Each year there are convoys of RVs relocated to AK in May, and back to the lower 48 in Aug/Sept. for a peppercorn rental with a generous mileage allowance. These relocations are much sought after.

    As well as the regular companies which need RVs relocated, there is another player in the relocation business. iMoova now operates in North America, Europe as well as downunder. We have read of one member who is a satisfied customer having used them for part of their trip.

    If I can get my train trip through the red centre in before the end of this year, I plan to use them to relocate a vehicle back to Melbourne. Am working on getting the two co-ordinated.


  9. Default

    Thank you for this, I am now just planning with a car and looking at places to stay. I can then even do one way from vegas to san fran /la or back again!!

    I am looking at kabins at KOA, has anyone had any dealings with these

  10. Default 2 flights booked - need to sort the route

    Title is suppose to read STAGE 2, flights booked!!!!!!

    I have managed to book my flights. (kids aged 13 and 10)
    really really excited and there is still nearly 300 days to go!!!!!!

    we land in vegas on the 9th august. booked jockey club for 2 nights (hopefully)
    in the process of booking duck creek village inn if this fails I am looking at Kanab

    I'm not too sure of the grand canyon. I think I just want the kids to see it, its hot and I thought the hiking would be a bit demanding and everything else is really expensive. might not even go!!! or should we?

    9th vegas
    10th vegas
    11th duck creek visit grand canyon on way???
    12th duck creek - zion
    13th duck creek bryce
    14th vegas visit grand canyon on way back??

    from vegas I am a bit lost now. thanks to AZ I have some idea but I think I'm getting lost.

    I want to go and stay in death valley for a night. since its august its too hot to to do much here me thinks! and I want to go to see the sequoia's. Is Yosemite going to be too busy and what we would do here, but I dont want to just day here and then drive a day all the way round

    I think san fran might be worth taking the kids too,
    then I want to chillout somewhere for a while too!! beach?

    25th fly out of vegas at 17:00

    so please help !!!

    Please keep all posts regarding this trip in one place. - Mod
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