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    Default At this stage, its just a dream...

    Hi, just in the early planning stages of a road trip from barrow alaska to ushuaia tierra del fuego........ yes thats what i thought. looking for good maps, must see places, ideal places to stop. this is for no other reason other than enjoyment, but will probably have some charitable cause at the end of it, as i said very early stage, so any ideas of some interest en route or places to avoid would be very much appreciated.
    thanks all.

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    Default "Road Fever"

    Quote Originally Posted by wetspanner View Post
    Hi, just in the early planning stages of a road trip from barrow alaska to ushuaia tierra del fuego.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Tim Cahill and Garry Sowerby drove the reverse of that route a few years ago. Tim's book "Road Fever" is one of my favorite roadtrip narratives and I think you would enjoy it too.


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    cheers thanks mark, there must be a reason to go that way, will try to get my hands on it.
    again many thanks.


  4. Default from california to usuahia(argentina)

    hi,wetspanner .
    i am in the same situation.
    i am going to travel wit my BMW 650 all terrain motorcycle
    leaving california in november 2006 ,for a 6 month trip all the way down to tierra del fuego and comeback via brazil.........
    will be great if we can get in contact and share ideas .
    thank you very much and good luck
    .................................................. ..alejandro.Miami,Florida

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