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  1. Default Driving from Vegas to Miami! Any tips?

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Jeremy Abramson and I recently turned 24. I am moving to Miami in 2 weeks and wanted some insight on the road trip over there. I am trying to enjoy this journey as much as possible while also covering a decent amount of miles. My plan is to stop in Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans and Tallahassee overnight. What places/things do you suggest I see? I am very much into the outdoors and scenic places. Also, I am a sports junkie so if you know of any sports-related museums/monuments/stadiums on the way, please let me know. I would also like to stop in some SEC cities if possible and check out some college campuses down south. Any advice/recommendations are much appreciated!

    If you happen to know of a good place to grab a bite and/or beer, don't be shy...

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    Default Missing information.

    Hi Jeremy, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    The one thing you have not told us, which is vital to the suggestions you can expect, is.... How long do you have for this trip?


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    Hey Lifey, thanks for the quick response. I have about a week to do this trip, but have some flexibility to make it a bit longer if necessary. I'm not going to let time constrain me from having a memorable time...

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    Default A Few Odds and Ends

    Since it sounds like you're looking for a free-wheeling, serendipitous kind of RoadTrip, let me just offer a few possible stops that might, or might not, fit into such a 'plan'. On the sports side would be one of the lesser known Halls of Fame, the Handball Hall of Fame in Tucson AZ. You might also want to make a brief stop in Houston to visit the remains of the Astrodome before it is completely gone. On the same list, the Louisiana Superdome is a possibility.

    As for your outdoors/scenic category, places not too far off your line of march include Kartchner Caverns, White Sands National Monument, the Creole Nature Trail, and Gulf Islands National Seashore.

    SEC towns that you could get to relatively easily include College Station TX (Texas A&M), Baton Rouge LA (Louisiana State University), and Gainesville FL (Florida). The only bad news I have for you is that a week is nice, but isn't nearly enough to do all of the above, let alone places you'll find on your own both before and during your drive. Choices must be made.

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    AZ Buck,

    Thanks so much for all of this awesome info! I was planning on stopping in Baton Rouge, but not the other two you mentioned. With all of these great sites, I will probably extend my trip to 10 days, because I want to spend a couple days in New Orleans (incl. Halloween).

    Keep the advice coming!

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