Hello everyone :-)

I am an 39 year old woman from Norway. We are planning a travel from Norway to usa next year in spring for 2 weeks.
It will be me , my husband and my partents. We will fly to new york from Norway, and the first week we want to take a roadtrip down to Atlanta Georgia. Purpose of the trip : My dad's grandfather emegrated to the us in 1926 and we just found out where he is buried and the grave has no stone so this means alot for us to fix this. We have never been to the usa before. We are meeting family members that we just found out we had in the usa :-) So this is all really exciting for us.
So first we wants to have 1 week on road trip and last week in New York.
I would be really happy to get any tip on what we should see, stay and eat on our Roadtrip. We love good food, shopping and museums and looking at beautiful arkitechture.

And if you also have a tip on were we can hire a good car, that would be great :-)

I am so grateful for all the information I can get.
Thank you all so much :-)