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    Default Los Angeles to Pittsburgh with a dog, what's between Santa Fe and Memphis?

    My friend and I are travelling via Grand Canyon, Santa Fe and Memphis to Pittsburgh. We will have her small dog with us and am looking for good tips for this route, especially what might be of interest between Santa Fe and Memphis. We love old Americana, history, music of all kinds.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    How long do you have for the trip, and is it round trip or one way? That will have a bearing on the types of things we can suggest. Also, have you thought about what to do with the pup while you are seeing things? If it gets hot, the doggie shouldn't stay in the car. (Keep in mind that some lodging will charge extra for the pet, too. I heard a clerk tell a guest that there is a $10 per night charge here, per pet, and she couldn't take more than 2.)


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    We are going to take about 10 days for the trip and would never leave the dog in the car. We know we are limited in that way, but think we can still see some natural beauty along the way, if not take a whole lot of tours, etc.

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    Default A little research will find lots of attractrions.

    To check out attractions along and near your route, you might like to start by checking out the attractions on the green bar above. You can see selections other roadtrippers have found which may interest you.

    Good paper maps, such as AAA and Rand McNally also have attractions marked on them - historical, natural, touristy. You could find even more by picking up a State issued map at the Welcome centres as you enter each State.


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