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    I am planning a road trip to Atlanta, GA from Minneapolis and was wondering if you guys have any tips/advices as to when I should leave (day/night), what I should take, and what route I should go on. I am taking my family of 5.


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    What time you should leave, and what route you should take, depend largely on how much time you have for the drive down and what other goals you may have other than just getting to Atlanta. At a minimum, the drive would take two full days using the most direct all-Interstate route. If that is all the time you have, then that is what you should do. Take I-90 to Madison WI, then I-39 down to Bloomington IL, I-74 to Urbana IL, I-57 into southern Illinois, I-24 to Chattanooga, and I-75 to Atlanta. Effingham IL would be roughly halfway and there should be several lodging options as you pass it where I-57 is duplexed with I-70. You would want to get as early a start as you can in the morning so that your driving will be mostly or, better yet, entirely during the daylight hours. Even with no significant time for major stops, you should still seek out state and local parks near the highway where you can take short breaks and let the kids get some exercise and blow off some steam.

    If you have another day (or more) then you can start considering detours to major attractions more-or-less on your way, but what those might be, we really couldn't say without more information about what interests you and your family.

    What to take is not quite so problematical. You should take a good set of maps with your route clearly marked, nutritious snacks, some activities to entertain the kids, and a clear idea of what you want to do. note that by ;activities' for the kids I do not mean video games. What you want is something that requires or at least encourages them to be engaged with the countryside outside the car. This can be as simple as roadside bingo games, a checklist for out of state license plates, or the like. For older children, have them do some research on a few of the areas you'll be driving through and give short talks on what they find. Some obvious examples: a bit of Lincoln history for the drive through southern Illinois; something on country music as you pass through Nashville; how the Civil War wound down as you drive around Chattanooga; that kind of thing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    ... where you can take short breaks and let the kids get some exercise and blow off some steam.
    Travelling south on I-57 IL there is a great rest area you must stop at. There are many picnic tables with parking right by them, a long the lake edge. Places to go for a short walk, spots to go fishing and a great playground for kids of all ages. (Saw a couple of mature ladies on the seesaw.) And you don't even have to leave the Interstate to enjoy it. It is between exits 83 and 78.


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