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  1. Default Looking for advice on a trip from Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN

    Hello all, my cousin and I are driving his things from Atlanta to Minneapolis the second week of January. He is moving back to Minneapolis and we will be spending about 2 days driving and wondering if there is anything along the way that you all would recommend as a "must see".

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default We don't have must sees.

    Hi Chris, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    To start with, we don't really believe in 'must sees' on this forum. It is very much a matter of taste. One person's must see, is another person's must pass. However, with over 1100 miles in a two days, in January, I doubt you will have time for much more than the obligatory stops for fuel, food, bathroom, etc. And even so, without knowing what either of you are interested in, it would be hard to start and guess which of the hundreds (if not thousands) to recommend.


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    Default Gateway Arch.

    As Lifey mentioned, you won't have time to venture far from your route, if any. As an RTA member you can use the Map centre. [place cursor over 'Maps' in the green tool bar above and select] You can simply put in your start and finish points and find RTA attractions along the way at various distances. You might find something there that suits your tastes or just let other members know what might be of interest.

    St Louis could make an interesting midway overnight stop with a quick visit to the Gateway arch.

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    When Dave suggested St. Louis, I thought that would be out of the way, and then was very surprised to see that Google's suggested route actually had you going through there.

    If you want to stop in St. Louis, that's fine, but it wouldn't be my first choice for route, because I believe that most of the trip through Iowa and Missouri is 2 lane roads.

    I would go through Nashville, and then north through either Indiana or Illinois. If you go through Indiana, you'd go right past Mammoth Cave NP and through Chicago. If you went through Illinois, you'd got past Fort Donaldson Civil War Battlefield and Land Between the Lakes, then up through Champaign, Rockford, and Madison.

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