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    Hi All,
    My family and I will be taking a road trip to Atlanta this summer and I am not sure what the best routes are. Got two different routes online - through Iowa to Missouri and through Chicago to Indiana. I need help with the best option, please. Also, where is a good overnight city to lodge half way as we plan on a two day trip each way. How can we keep three young kids (10, 8 and 6) entertained along the way? We are also on a tight budget. Thank you!

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    Both of the routes you sketch out have problems if you hope to make this drive in only two days. A route down through Iowa and Missouri, while possibly the shortest in terms of miles, would spend a lot of those miles on 'surface' roads which would slow you down at best. Going through Chicago would both add miles and have you driving in some of the worst traffic in America. While both routes could conceivably be driven in two long, hard days. They are both subject to unexpected delays. A better route would go through central Illinois, thus bypassing both Chicago and St. Louis.

    From Minneapolis take I-90 to Madison and then I-39 south from there. At Normal IL pick up I-74 east to Champaign and follow I-57 south into southern Illinois. Take I-24 east when it splits off and stay on that all the way to Chattanooga. The final leg is then I-75 into Atlanta. Your overnight would be in the Charleston IL area.


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    AZBuck had a good suggestion with the 90/39/74/57/24/75 route. At Mattoon and Charleston IL area, you have a number of hotels to choose from: At exit 190, you have 7 hotels, and there are about 14 different places to eat at that exit, too. Exit 184 choices are considerably more limited -- two motels (both may be 2 miles off the highway) and only a McDonald's and a Subway for food.

    If you don't take that area for overnight, bear in mind it's another 30 miles down the road for more, at Effingham. Both exits 159 and 160 have hotels and restaurants.


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    I love this site. Thank you so much! What a lifesaver.

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