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    We are two families, with 7 children from the ages of 7 - 17 who are traveling to California in July 2014. In the end of our vacation, we want to rent a house in either Palm Springs or San Diego. Either way we will visit both places, we just do not know which place would be better? How is the temperature in these two places, will it be to hot in Palm Springs? Is it much fog in San Diego, and how is it by the sea - nice to take a swim, or too cold? Most of the time we want to relax in the house that we will be renting, but off course we would like to go out on a shopping trip and maybe en extra sightseeing in the area we are staying.
    Very nice if you could give us some advice. As mentioned we will either way have one day in each place anyway.

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    Default San Diego, Hands Down

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    Average high temperatures in Palm Springs in July are 107°F. Plus it tends to cater to an older, affluent crowd. San Diego, in contrast caters to a wider cross-section of visitors, particularly families with children, and it's average high temperature in July is only 75°F - quite a contrast. For the kids, besides the obvious beach, there's Balboa Park with its world-class zoo and numerous museums including ones devoted to insects, model trains, puppets, and others. And not too far north of San Diego, in Carlsbad, is my own grandsons' favorite: Legoland.

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    As a San Diego County resident, I will second AZBuck's suggestion of San Diego. Palm Springs in JULY is obnoxiously hot. Yes, it's close to Joshua Tree NP (which is just as hot, if not hotter than Palm Springs), but there aren't as many kid-friendly options up there as there are down here.

    Here is a thread I wrote about San Diego County and all that it has to offer. Since we had visiting family members last year, we did a Stay-Cation based on a number of these places.


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    Thank you for your replies.

    It is hard to choose, as we would like to stay a place which is hotter than Norway in the summer time, but still it seems like it is to hot in Palm Springs. We will do all the parks in advance, and are planning to relax and stay by the pool most of the day, but it is ok to take a little shopping trip or just get out to get some air. So maybe San Diego is best.

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    Default Lots to do in San Diego.

    There are far too many attractions which would interest the children, for you to get a chance to spend all day by the pool. Those mentioned above, is only the start.


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    The average high in SD in the summer may only be 75, but that's downtown and along the beach. Go inland and it gets considerably warmer. Palm Springs really isn't oriented toward families like SD.

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