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    I'm planning a short road trip at the end of the year and looking for suggestions. I'm located in NYC area, and looking to get somewhere slightly warmer :)

    Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you want warmer, then we can generically tell you that heading south is probably a decent bet, but other than that, you haven't given enough information for anyone to really provide any other specific suggestions.

    How much time do you have for this getaway? What is your budget? Is a fly/drive trip a possibility? How much warmer are you looking to get (ie would 50 degrees be warm enough, or are you looking for 70-80's?), and of course, what sorts of things are you interested in seeing and doing?

    Without that kind of info, we really can't offer much specific help. In the meantime, however, you could certainly spend a little time looking around this forum, and this website, for lots of ideas get get you going.

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