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    Last year we did a 3 week road trip from LA, to San Francisco, to Las Vegas, to San Diego and had an amazing time. This year, we were thinking about doing a road trip in Florida (Orlando -> Daytona -> down the coast -> Miami -> Keys -> up the West Coast -> finish trip in Orlando again). Originally we had considered August, although September is working out a lot less expensive!

    Dates from around 13th - 29th September would work well (2 weeks more or less) - although I was wondering, will the weather still be good at this time of year?? (From last year's September trip, we were surprised that it wasn't as warm as we thought it was going to be - so really looking for a bit more heat this year!)

    Also - any suggestions on must see / must do attractions/activities/landmarks would be great. Not sure how long to spend in each location, so just wanted to have an idea before we start planning properly!

    Thanks!! :-)

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    Florida's weather is in general warmer than California, and you shouldn't have problems finding heat, and humidity.

    The one potential weather worry is that September is in the middle of hurricane season, but so is August. That doesn't mean you can't plan a trip - the odds of one actually impacting your trip are pretty low, but it is something to keep in mind.

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    Thanks for the info Midwest Michael!

    Have started looking into dates/locations a bit more and have come up with this rough plan:

    Arrive : Friday September 13th

    Orlando: Friday 13th, Sat 14th, Sun 16th
    Daytona Beach: Mon 17th
    ??? : Tue 18th
    Fort Lauderdale: Wed 19th, Thu 20th
    Miami: Fri 21st, Sat 22nd
    Keys: Mon 23rd, Tue 24th
    Everglades: Wed 25th
    Fort Myers: Thu 26th
    Clearwater/Tampa: Fri 27th

    Leave: Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th

    If anyone could give their opinion on my ideas so far - it would be much appreciated! Hope to start booking the trip soon :-)!


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    You have an extra day on your schedule, and NASA's Cape Canaveral is just east of Orlando, about an hour down the road. If you're interested in history, space exploration, or rocketry, it's a great place to spend a day. (You could overnight at Cocoa Beach.)

    Just a thought....


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    Thanks Donna....just looked it up - great idea!

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