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    Hello Roadtrippers,

    I am planning to drive solo from Seattle to New Orleans and back leaving the second week in April. I hope this is late enough to avoid most ice and snow. I am an older female who is not an experienced traveler but feel I can do 600 miles a day without problems.

    It is not really a sightseeing expedition and I would like to reach NOLA in 5 days or less, then possibly take a more leisurely trip back with possible scenic stops along the way, maybe along a more southerly route. I was not going to make motel reservations but just find something wherever I spend the nights.

    I think it would be best to stay on the interstates and would like to never get too far from populated areas, but know that won't be possible. I plan to go into my local AAA office for help planning, maps etc. but wanted to get advice here on a route(s), first. I do not have a GPS.

    Thank you so much for any help.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most direct interstate route would take you up to Dallas, then straight north on I-35/135 into Kansas, I-70 to Denver, I-25/I-80 to Utah, and then up I-84/I-82 through Idaho to Seattle. It is a trip that's about 2700 miles, so you will need all of your 5 day, and you'll need to be in that 550-600 mile per day range. Sticking to the interstates you'll never be far away from other people. There will be some gaps of 40 or 50 miles or so between towns, but even there, you'll have plenty of other traffic so you'll never go too long without seeing others.

    Places to stop for the night could be Denton, TX; Colby KS; Rock Springs, WY; and Boise, ID.

    Coming back, it will depend upon what you want to see for your leisurely trip and how much time you'll have available.

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    Thank you Michael, your reply is just what I was hoping for. Actually, I live in Seattle and am heading to NOLA to see relatives so the first leg will be heading south/east. I just reversed your excellent instructions (^_^).This route will give me some idea what to ask for when I go into AAA.

    I can actually take as long as I want for the whole trip, but since it is so far already I was not planning to take much extra time--although I can see how it goes on the way back. I can also take more trips in future if this goes well!

    What do you think of either I-10 or I-40 for the return? Thanks for the welcome and the reassurance re:civilization! LOL

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    Whoops, well if you're going the other direction, I would actually tweek your plans a bit. Instead, I'd look to stop around Mountain Home, ID; Rawlins WY; Hays KS; and Terrell TX. The reason being, its nice to have a last day that's a bit shorter in case other things cause some delays, plus you wouldn't have to start your final day by trying to fight your way across the Dallas Metroplex and its traffic.

    I-10 or I-40 could both be fine routes, if they take you where you want to go. They'll add more time to your drive (about a 1/2 day), but that's not much of an issue. I'd focus more on what you might want to see first. For example, you could head towards Albuquerque, and then explore some of the National Parks of the 4 corners region, and work your way back up to the Interstate around Salt Lake City for your return trip. Or if you've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, then by all means, stick to I-40 for that section. There really are no wrong answers.

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    I appreciate your expertise and have made note of the corrections. I am not yet sure of the return route but thought it might be nice to have an alternative for the trip home. If going via I-10 or I-40 I had thought to go over to I-5 in CA and from there northward home, but that might be a pretty long trip. Again thank you for the replies and the forum, much appreciated.

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