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  1. Default NY to San Francisco - least deserted roads?

    I've learned so much from this forum, thank you! I know now - don't go south, listen to weather and adjust accordingly. But my other concern is having options along the way in winter, in case of weather, breakdowns, etc. - thinking I'd be more comfortable with more towns and exits (I drove out here on 80 and got a difficult flat in a place with no cell service, people stopped to help but would rather avoid if possible!). I want to drive via Columbus Ohio to see friends, leaving end of next week then driving the rest by myself, with my dog. I can take extra time if needed, have tires with 8K miles on them and Subaru impreza with AWD. So what would you all recommend to avoid long empty stretches or should I not worry about that as much as elevation?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default As you were.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would continue the way you have done by keeping an eye on road conditions and weather forecasts as you go and decide accordingly. A puncture is an unfortunate [and usually rare] incident that can and does happen, but it could happen anywhere. You will always have places where there is no cell service, but as you experienced, you won't have to wait long for someone to stop and help you on Interstate or main highways. If they hadn't stopped, I doubt it would have been long before a State trooper arrived and stopped to check everything was OK. If the weather was OK and you wanted a change of scenery you could take I70 to I15 to US58 and I5. It would add at least a couple of hours to your journey but I wouldn't consider for the reason of fear of a puncture or breakdown.

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    If you do take I-70, there is a 108 mile stretch in Utah that has no services and very minimal cell coverage. Weather and road conditions permitting, I-80 all the way would be the "safest" option.

    Best way from Columbus to I-80 would be I-74 out of Indy to Moline IL. Other options are I-70 to Denver, then I-25 to Cheyenne or I-70 to KC, then I-29 to NE-2 to Lincoln.

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    Thank you both very much - I really appreciate and will take this advice, glad to know about the lonesome stretch of 70.

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    Default I wouldn't say lonesome.

    I would not describe this section of I70 or any Interstate as "lonesome" and as previously mentioned you would not have to wait long for assistance.

    Have a great trip !

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