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    Default avoiding tolls in ok

    In sept my neice is getting married in Springfield Missori. While I'm nearby I'd like to go visit my buddy who lives a little west of OK City. I heard there is alot of tolls thru OK. Does anyone know much much they are for my route? Tips on avoiding them? I dont want to go more than maybe 30min out of my way since I want to spend the time with my buddy and family (depends on how much i can save) but if theres an easy place to get off the toll rd somewhere a little earlier for example that would be good to know.

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    The highest total toll you can expect to pay, assuming that you are driving a two-axle passenger car, is $10.30. That's if you take the Will Rogers Turnpike all the way from the state line to Tulsa, the Turner Turnpike from Tulsa to OKC, and the Kilpatrick Turnpike around OKC from the Turner Turnpike to I-40 west. There really is no good alternative to either the Rogers or Turner Turnpikes. The best shunpikes, basically but not exclusively US-60 and the old US-66 (now OK-66), increase your projected travel time from 4½ hours to over 6 hours (or more depending on traffic and lights in all the small towns you'd be driving through.) You can avoid the $2.30 for the Kilpatrick Turnpike by using I-44/I-40 and going right through downtown OKC.

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    Thanks for the info. How does the traffic in downtown OK City compare to the turnpike around it?

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    That depends on the time of day, of course, but if you're making the transit any time other than morning/evening rush hours. I'd just bite the bullet and go through the heart of the beast.


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    If you take I-44 through Tulsa instead of the Creek Turnpike bypass, and then I-35 to I-40 through OKC (don't stay on I-44, that does get quite congested), the toll will be $8, and there's NO good way to avoid it. The only viable way to avoid all the tolls is take I-44 to Joplin, then US-71/I-540 to I-40 - but this adds 100 miles and 2 hours to the trip and will cost you more in gas than you will be saving.

    Taking the Creek Turnpike around Tulsa is no faster than going through town - and may actually take longer. The Kilpatrick around OKC does save time - probably 15 minutes or so - but if you do take it you will need EXACT CHANGE or a Pikepass for the 2 toll booths.

    You are looking at about 300 miles from Springfield to the west side of OKC, and you need to allow about 5 hours. The 75 mph speed limit on I-44 in OK is strictly enforced - they will pull you over for 78.

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