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    We're just starting to plan a road trip around the Western US in August/September 2013. Our boys will be 5 and 8 and we plan to travel for 6-8 weeks. One of the first decisions we need to make is mode of travel.......RV sounds appealing but I'm finding it difficult to get an idea of costs. They vary hugely and I have no idea if the companies are reputable or not (we're in New Zealand) can anyone recommend and economical but reliable RV rental company? Thanks so much:)!

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    Did you read the Sticky message about RV's vs cars/motels, in this same forum? That would be a good one to read.

    As far as a good reliable RV rental company here in the States. I have no personal experience with them, but many friends who swear by Cruise America. Another one just jumping on the rental wagon is Camping World RV Rental. One friend just tried them and said it was a good experience. I would stay away from rent-by-owner, because there's too much at stake when it comes to insurance, breakdowns, and more.

    To me, you can't beat an RV (or at least, camping) when stopping a lot in the national parks. It's nice to be right out in nature, where nature is the King.


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    Default Lifestyle versus Budget.

    As already mentioned, RVing is definitely a lifestyle choice, and not a budget consideration. You will almost always save money by going the motel/car way. That said, there are many who choose the lifestyle and swear by it. And that includes many regulars on this forum.

    You might like to check out these two trips, which were RV trips by one of our moderators.

    And here is the link to the article Donna mentioned.

    When choosing a rental company, the most important thing is to read all the fine print in the contract, and add up all the extras which are not in the base price.... such as child car seats, linen, kitchen requirements, etc.


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    Default Bottom line.

    As mentioned, first and foremost it should be a Lifestyle decision and then see if you can afford it ! Cruise America, El Monte and Roadbear are 3 of the big name National Co's and by comparing prices [click on special offer links such as the CA 'Hot deals' where they always run a few specials] it will give you a good idea of costs. A lot of On-Line sites are actually agents who use these Co's just like a travel agent would use different airlines.

    As Donna mentioned, owner rentals can be good value, but come with risks, like getting you back on the road quickly if you had a breakdown, or god forbid, the RV being damaged and not being drivable, where would the back up come from ?

    To give you a very rough idea we find it is usually around $1200 a week with kitchen and bathroom kits etc included along with extra mileage charges. [This will vary]. Some will come up cheaper on the top line than others, but then might add Insurance and prep fees etc that others might include, so you have to work through it and get the 'bottom line'. The 'Break even' point compared to a car and Motels usually works out closer when 4 paying adults [with or without Kid's] share the cost who would otherwise have seperate Motel rooms, so over 6 weeks it will be significantly more expensive with just you 2 and young children.

    Once that is said and done you still have some extra costs to consider. Although you have your 'Hotel room' on wheels you still need to park it some place and that will generally cost between $20 and $50 a night depending on where. You need to then consider the fuel costs which will be at least double of that in a car. To estimate this cost, figure on 9-10mpg.

    If you place your cursor over 'Trip advice' in the green tool bar above you will see a link come up with Lot's more info on RV'ing.

    If you think this is the Life for you and will fit in with budget, it is an amzing way to see this part of the world !!

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