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  1. Default Driveing conditions from Detroit to Orlando Decl 21

    Does anyone know what the driveing conditions are from Detroit to Orlando on I 75 going on Dec. 21 return on Jan 2?

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    Default In terms of weather ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you are talking about driving conditions as in connection with the weather, I'm afraid it's too early for anyone to give an accurate weather forecast this far in advance. It is a minimum of a 2 day drive each direction and you should allow yourself some time in case of weather disruption. Get up to date weather and road condition info before you leave and then decide on route, there doesn't seem to be much in time difference between I75 through Lexington KY or I77 through Charleston WV.

    Have a safe journey !

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    Default A look before you leap

    Yes, no way to tell what the weather might be this far in advance. Absent weather concerns, be aware that the I-75 route takes you through Knoxville and Atlanta, the former being somewhat congested and the latter considered in the top 10 of US cities for traffic headaches. In addition, you'd pass through Cincinnatti, where I believe some major construction has been causing major delays for several months now. The I-77/I-95 route has Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL as the primary urban traffic-cloggers, and there is the higher elevation through WV and the VA/NC border areas to consider, where snow-ice is somewhat more likely to occur. A close look ahead at the forecast can be of great assistance in estimating the weather's contribution to your travel situation through WV.


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    There are several tools to use regarding weather, but all of them involve watching/looking at something right up to your departure date (and then your return):

    1) The Weather Channel on TV.

    2) The local weather forecasts. This is especially helpful as you pull off the road into a motel on your travels, as it gives more localized weather than The Weather Channel.

    3) The Weather Channel's website has an interstate driving forecast.


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