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  1. Default family from australia driveing las vegus to yosemite

    Hi all first time on the site , have really enjoyed the great info and generous giving of information .

    Just wondering if i could get some feed back on this drive .

    We have 2 days to drive from vegus to yosemite , we r staying at yosemite west 4 3 nights travelling late sept 2009 in rental car with 2 adults and 3 boys aged 8 , 9 and 12 then on to san francisco.

    I cant decide wether to go to mammoth and stay and then go over tioga pass ( if its open ) it sounds great and the drive through Fresno sounds a bit bland maybe . Would you go through death valley if going to mammoth .

    Could we do the trip to mammoth fairly comfortably in the day and then same over tioga to yosemite west next day . R there hot springs to stop at along the way that are easily accessable .

    Our kids get a bit of motion sickness so i gather that tioga would be not so good for that but if we have plenty of time to get to yosemite lodging before dark with easy driveing and stopping that might be ok .

    We are used to driveing long distances in australia , we dont have big mountains so we are really keen to see some and tioga sounds the best way to do it .

    I am sure these questions have been answered hundreds of times before but i am new to the site and only learning to find the relevant topics to read thanks to anybody who has the time to respond . andrew

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    Default Oh yeah !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a couple of days to get to Yosemite it will give you time to get out of the car regularly and take in some of the views around you so that should help the situation with the kids. As for Death valley, Yes I would 100% drive through it just to admire the fascinating landscape it's quite incredible. There are many towns that offer lodgings between Lone pine and Mammoth to choose from.
    If you use the search button you will find tons of info regarding this area but as you think of new questions just ask.

  3. Default more questions

    thanks mid west dave for repleying , just wondering if there are hot springs along the way to mammoth , also do you know if there are enough lodgings to not worry about booking the 1 night .

    how many hours of just driving do you think there is between las vegus and mammoth

    thanks again andrew

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    Hi Andrew,

    School is back in September, and as Dave says, there are many places along 395 with lodgings. Not sure anymore, exactly where I was, but the place I wanted to stay at was full, and they happily called other lodgings nearby to find me a bed. I wouldn't worry too much. You can always call during the day, and check.

    Whatever you do, do not miss out on Death Valley. Make sure you go early, as in very early, to enjoy some of the sights before it gets too hot to walk any distance. There are short hikes which take you to the most incredible places.

    And I would not worry about Tioga Pass... it is not that winding, with lots of turnouts to get out of the car, see the sights, walk around and get fresh air.

    And when you get to Bishop make sure you check out the bakery. It is incredible. The boys will love it.

    Lifey from Melbourne

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    Default Keep 'em coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew1965 View Post
    just wondering if there are hot springs along the way to mammoth , also do you know if there are enough lodgings to not worry about booking the 1 night .
    The only one's I have heard of [never been there] is Keough hot springs and a diversion from Bishop up 6 would take you to Benton hot springs. [Google is your friend]. You should be fine for lodgings and as you have a nice amount of time in Yosemite you could stop a little short for the night. I always find it's worth taking details of a couple of places that suit me and my budget in different towns so that I can call ahead from the road to check availability's to save having to hunt around after a long day.

    how many hours of just driving do you think there is between las vegus and mammoth
    About 7/8 hours to Mammoth lakes but allow longer with multiple short stops. Great scenery along with those stops won't make it feel like a long day. The route we recommend across DV is to leave Vegas on 160 to Pahrump where you take the Ash meadows/State line rd to Death valley junction. The 190 then takes you across the valley and joins the 136 to Lone pine. You will come across some viewpoints such as Zabriskie point, Furnace creek ranch and Inn resort which is a great place to stop, get some refreshments and look around the place. You will notice the sign to Badwater, the lowest point in the US and later in the day at Lone pine you will see the highest, Mount Whitney. [not bad for a day's 'work'!]

  6. Default more questions

    Thanks again for repleys , just wondering if you had 3 days in yosemite with younger boys what would the best things to not miss be in your opinion , have any of you heard of cozey bear cottages west yosemite , this is where we are staying .

    Also what are the best things to stop at on tioga pass and are there any short detours worth making on the pass .

    also wondering if there would be good grocery stores in mammoth ( dumb question ) and if any famously good resteraunt to visit for dinner there ie not just the food but the atmosphere etc .

    How long would it be to get to death valley from lv as we will prob go for an early arrival as suggested earlier by one of you .

    we will def stop at the bakery if we see it

    also our travel agent has arranged a ford escape for us as we have 5 in family and prob lots of luggage and our children dont seem to get sick in a higher bigger car , does anybody know this vehicle and its size .

    Sorry one more , the suggested route advised above for lv to dv would that be something we could program into sat nav .

    we r sooooo keen to get there and c it all

    thanks again

    ps off the track a bit but has anybody got a recommend for tour company plane flight from lv over gc

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    Default Some answers.

    I have not heard of cozey bear cottages, you'll have to let us know what you think. Enjoy Tioga on the way in and you won't have to back track, at least one full day exploring the valley floor area and the another day could be used to go up Glacier point and to the Mariposa grove of giant Sequoias.

    As you drive across Tioga it will all open up before your eyes, the meadows, Tenaya lake
    and so on. The Yosemite NPS site has lots of info, and the kids might want to join the junior Ranger program. Make sure you take a drive up to Glacier point, the views are unbelievable.

    I don't know anything in Mammoth but as you get to the junction of 395 and CA 120 [Tioga pass] there is a gas station on the side road and it's a good time to fill up before heading into the park. There is a cool diner in the gas station called "Woah Nellies Dellie" and if you drove or walked a short way up the hill you will get great views of Mono lake.

    You will be in Death valley in a little over 2 hours.

    Think of the Escape as a modern day Explorer when thinking of size. [google ;-)]

    I think your Sat Nav will be OK but use Pahrump and Lone Pine as way points. I doubt it would take you the same way just typing in the A and B points. We always recommend carrying a paper map as well.

    There are many company's offering the same type of service to the Grand canyon so it's best to shop around for a deal that suits you. We used a company called Papillon from the Grand canyon airport who also operate from Vegas and we were pleased with there service. Any flights landing at the canyon will not be in the National park but on Indian lands at the West rim and although I am sure still spectacular you won't see those famous views shown on pictures around the world.

  8. Default how do i save

    thanks north west , i have a simple question for you , how do i store my thread so i can easily find it each time i log in , i am partially computer illiterate u c .

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    Default What I do.

    If I am looking for a particular thread/post I have made that might of been "bumped" off the page by newer posts I click on my user name in the top right hand corner of the screen and then click on "show all statistics", also to the right of the new page. You will then see "show all threads by user name". Click on your selected thread and it will take you to it. If you wish to ask another question, do so in the normal way [as you are now] and your thread will be appear back at the top of the forum for all to see.

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    Click on Thread Tools in the toolbar at the top of the thread, then Subscribe To This Thread. Whenever someone posts in it, you will receive an email which will contain a direct link to the thread.

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