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    ME and my wife are planning a road trip from San Francisco to New Orleans. We are planning to rent a car in San Francisco on April, 1 and return it in New Orleans on April, 10.
    Now i have a problem with wich company should we go. I found the following: Economy Car Rentals. Does anyone knows anything about them? Are they trust worthy?
    I have compared them with Alamo and they are much cheaper. For example, renting a compact car with Alamo, it would cost us 1132,95$ and with Economy it would only be 776,33$.

    Thanks for any information.
    Best Regards
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    I'll bite - though this seems suspicious.

    I've never heard of that company, and looking at their web site shows they rent models in the USA that aren't even available in the USA - such as the Volkswagen Polo and Opel Astra. So, I don't know how legit this would be if you tried.

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    They are not a US company, they are based in Greece.

    Try, they are a UK consolidator, and it looks like they can do it for around 200 GBP *PLUS* a one way dropoff fee.

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    A quick perusal of a few ratings sites reveals several complaints by customers of this firm. Some seem to be misunderstandings of the 'special' terms of their rental agreements which, if properly followed, may allow for lower rates. But others seem to bode ill for the reliability of the company. As with any firm you are unfamiliar with (and which doesn't have a physical presence in many of the locations they 'rent' from), it is up to you to do due diligence, read the fine print, and know what you're getting into.


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    Thanks for all your answers.
    It is our first time to plan a trip like this, so we really don't have any experience with renting a car. Therefore we would really like to go safe and not just cheap.
    Your answers really helped us. I have checked also the and it seems much better. I have to check some more reviews and then we will decide.

    Thanks again.
    Greeting to you all from Slovenia, Europe.

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    The advantage to is they use one of 4 major rental companies. We also have a similar facility here at RTA, click on the Reservations link in the green toolbar at the top of the page. I took a quick look and the rates for your particular trip are actually higher than you found yourself at Alamo.

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