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  1. Default First time in the US - 2 months summer 2012


    We're a family of 5 that always dream of traveling in north America with a RV.
    Our children age next summer will be: 6, 4 and 1 year.
    We would love to hear your advise about a 2 months route for next summer.
    we want to start planing now as this is a new area for us (USA, Canada and RV)...
    we would like a child freindly route with not long distance driving per day.

    about starting point, we can start one place and finish in another place as anyway we need to fly back home and we "play" with the flights.

    thank you and have a nice weekend,


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    Default Loop or one way

    Welcome to RTA!

    With two months, you could do a one-way trip in style or loop around. There's one big advantage to a loop trip: dropping the car off where you rented it would save a one-way drop-off fee, which I'm told can be hefty.

    Suggestion: get a big road map of the USA - if you're a road-club member, they should have one of those, or you can buy them - and see what appeals to you. A tentative route can come from that, and then we can help you with the details.

    Traveling with children can be fun and entertaining, depending on whether you are preparing them for it. My own kids did road trips from birth, and I think I was about 2 when we did a train trip across country and 3 for my first road trip.


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    Default Too many options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have exciting times ahead ! The thing is that with 2 months and the whole of the USA as a possible destination there are just too many options and routes to offer any meaningful advice, especially as we know nothing of your interests. The attractions and routes options would be in the [tens of] thousands, so for now I would recommend you look around the RTA forums and other road trip planning pages in the tool bars above, and with a good map to hand start to make notes of 'major' places you would like to see. Once you have some dots on the map we can help to fill in the blanks. I'm not sure what a "child friendly route" actually is, but it's not possible for your children to drive ! [Just kidding ] There is much for children to enjoy and at a young age, simple things like playing by the lake and in the woods with their parents, will mean as much [if not more] than a theme park and will have longer lasting memories, wherever they are.

    We travel by RV when in the USA and enjoy to do so, it certainly isn't the cheap option. With an RV you can't beat the open road and countryside, but they are large and not so City friendly, so you will have to consider that when planning. With 2 months, there is no need to rush around and cover huge distances in a day, go at a pace you are comfortable with. You can create a nice loop trip and finish where you started and avoid the 'One way drop off fees' associated with a One way trip.

    With an RV, I would recommend checking out some of the National parks to the West, where you will find wide open spaces with amazing and diverse scenery. Once you have got started and new questions come up, don't hesitate to ask.

    You will find a couple of RV trips Here and Here that may give you some ideas and an insight into the RV lifestyle. With 2 months you could incorporate the two trips, and then some more !!

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