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    Default Seeking roadtrip advice for summer 2012

    Hello people,

    I am close to getting my drivers license, so summer next year I will be able to rent a car in America.
    Me and my boyfriend have been dreaming of going on a roadtrip through America for some years now and are planning to get hitched on the go :P. The relatively cheap wedding chapel kind :P.

    So my question is what you would advice us to visit; like a few nice amusement parcs and other funny stuff like america's largest cheeseball or w/e.

    We kinda want to do a crosscountry roadtrip, cuz since were from europe it is prolly gonna be a one time thing.

    Costs for us so far:
    About 2000 euro's in flight tickets, wich will take us to from Brussels to Chicago and back.
    (anyone know a cheaper or better destination perhaps?)
    About 1000 euro's in just car rental fees.
    (For those interested, that would be a chevrolet aveo)

    That leaves us a budget of about 3000 euro's for a trip of 29 days. Any pointer what we shuld definetly see? Do realise we need money for laundromath's (only so much bagage we can take), personal hygene stuff (stupid airport rules) and food (snackbar on the gogo).
    And I do not know the mileage of a chevrolet aveo, so help with that wuld be nice to.

    Thanks all,


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    Ugh it cannot be done.. guess it gonna be 2013 then, when our funds are a little higher... then i can immediatly rent an RV for about 3000 bucks to deal with the sleeping issues (was planning on grabbing along a small tent and sleep in there.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not quite sure why it appears you managed to talk yourself out of doing a roadtrip in just 45 minutes, without any response or advice.

    I will say you don't need to rent an RV to have a great trip, and in fact, going by rv will almost certainly be more expensive than renting a car and staying in motels.

    As far as what to see, the possibilities are in the millions. The US is simply too big and too diverse to offer a neat tidy list of ideas. Once you get an idea of what your trip will eventually look like, in terms of major stops, then we can offer some additonal ideas and suggestions.

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