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    Default What is the best road atlas to have for your trip?

    We just bought a map which is no good to read in the car (it's one of those big fold out ones ) plus not detailed enough , what is best book to get that isn't over £20. Some cost sooo much.

    Also, can anyone recommend good value you hire car companies ?


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    Default Several good atlasses.

    There are several good ones such as AAA, Rand McNally.

    I thought I had seen the standard Rand McNally in the RTA shop, but it appears not to be there anymore. I know the 2012 edition is already out. They are good in their detail, sturdy and easy to handle in a car. Try Amazon, or check their site. I find that they arrive in about two weeks, when I order online. I know I like to have it before I leave, but you may want to wait till you land in SF, where you will be able to get it in either book stores, travel stores or the larger stores like Kmart or Walmart. Or just ask at your hotel.

    I buy a new one for every trip because I hilight all the roads on which I have travelled for future reference. It then also becomes a trip souvenir.


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    Thank you saw the rand one but some people had said it was bit confusing and not easy to find things. Will look again though ? thank you

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    Default You need to know how to look at a map.

    But then, some people don't know how to read maps. The Rand McNally, AAA and many others, all very similar, are easy to follow if you have a slight inkling of how to read a map. (Though these days I often need to use a magnifying glass to read the index.) From your posts, I get the impression that you know what you are talking about.

    And by the way, I would put the large map you have, up on the wall until you leave. Somewhere where you see it all time, so that you become super familiar with what is where and how the whole jigsaw fits together. It really helps when you are on the road, and your mind can visualise where you are. If I were you, and if luggage allows, I would still take the large map with me. Sometimes you just want to see the overall picture, and in a road atlas you get one State per page.... in alphabetical order!

    Sounds like your trip is really coming together. Enjoy!


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    For my tastes, its really hard to beat Rand McNally. There's not a huge difference, but I think they really do the best job of getting a reasonable level of detail and they do the best job with use of color to clearly show the various different types of roads and locations.

    I'd tend to agree with Lifey that if people are finding a map confusing and/or not easy to find things, most of the time it is "operator error" not a bad map! Personally, I don't really like AAA maps very much but its because of things like detail and color, they are still just as accurate as RM or most any other map.

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    Walmart sells their customized version of Rand McNally for $6.97. It's a standard atlas with a Walmart/Sam's Club store listing. I buy one every year.

    For car rentals, check out the RTA service.

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