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    HI! Looking for must see, not to be missed family attractions. All ideas welcome.....

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    Default That Depends...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...on a lot of factors, not least of which are how much time you have, which route you plan to take and what your family enjoys, none of which you've told us.


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    Thanks for replying. I asked for family attractions but really we are a couple in our mid 50's, don't have a huge amount of time but would like to see something on our way back up to NYC along the way. We're taking only two days to make the trip down to Miami and only 3 days for the way back. That's not alot of time but we wanted to have at least one worthwhile long stop. Colonial Williamsburg is suppose to be great but isnt that more for kids??? Is it captivating for adults also??We're looking really for waterfalls or really breathtaking scenery to get immersed in along the way.Something like the ERie Canal-Mohawk beauty etc. Is there anything like the Niagra Falls experience on our East Coast?? Any interesting attractions along the I95?? TIA

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    Original poster here. Looking for a Cave of the Winds Niagra Falls experience or something similar on our way back up from MIami to NYC-not just waterfalls to look at but some interactive experience! Any help appreciated......

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    Default Lots of parks, forests and recreation reserves.

    It really is difficult to give any sort of meaningful suggestions without knowing the full picture. Besides the questions asked above, when will this trip take place. The days of the week can have a real affect on your progress.

    That said, I-95 is your most direct route, and doing it in two days will put you in the car for up to 12 hours (maybe more), with short stops for food and fuel. For the way back, may I suggest I-75 and I-81 through Chattanooga. This is quite a scenic route, especially the latter.

    Any good map or atlas will show you all the parks, forests and recreation reserves along the way. An internet search will show you the specific attraction in each of these. There are far too many to even hazard a guess here. Your ability to enjoy these attractions will depend greatly on how long you have in Miami to recover from the down journey. 600+ miles per day can be more than a little tiring.


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    Visiting our daughter, we have 9 days in Miami and are getting cold feet and reconsidering flying but now its so close to our trip leaving midweek this week, that the flying option is practically not an option On the way down, travelling Thursday and Friday, way back Sun Mon Tues. Thanks for your reply!!!

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    As far as Colonial Williamsburg is concerned - I haven't done it, but a friend of mine (also an adult in her late 40s) LOVES the place. It's chock full of history, she tells me. It's on my list of things "to do someday" when we get back to the East Coast with time for DC and the area.

    Lifey gave you a routing suggestion - I-81 is absolutely beautiful!!!! If you can do any part of the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive, it's just breathtaking!


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