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    Default San Franscico, Los Angeles then across to New York

    Hi All
    My partner and I along with our kids are planning a road trip, July 2014 - with him running the San Fran marathon first and then travelling on to Los Angeles before heading east to New York.
    We are looking for suggestions and advice in how to plan this.
    We are looking to hire a car to do the journey over 3 weeks and would welcome interesting/must see places to visit, suggested routes, motel chains that will provide packages for road trips and so forth.
    Or am I being a bit too previous given that its 3 years away?
    I know my partner is watching Man vs Food and is looking to incorporate some of the eateries included in this show.
    All help and advice will be greatfully received as we are building up a map over the next few years to add to.

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    Default never too early

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its never too early to start planning, but at the same time there is some limits to how much you can do at this stage.

    Anything budget related, you won't really be able to do much with. Prices are too subject to change, and if you're looking for deals or bargains, they won't exist for travel that far out.

    The best thing you can do right now is think about all the kinds of places you'd like to go. Watch tv shows about the US, and certainly read lots and lots of books and articles, and get a huge list of ideas. Having said that, the US is simply too large and the options are far too many for us to start throwing out specific ideas.

    Once you've got a bit list, then you can start thinking about priorities, and start building a trip based on the things you want to do most.

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    Default Some tools to gather the information

    I would have to agree with all the great advice Michael has given. And add to that, that it would pay to become familiar with the types of serives you may be using.... such as the names of hotel / motel chains about which you may read in the forums and elsewhere. I guess in a way, what I am saying is, become a sponge and absorb everything you see, hear and read about the US.

    Now, you are not going to remember it all, so....

    If you have not already got it, I suggest you get a wall sized map of the US, and have it where you will see it daily. As you learn of a place or attraction which you think may interest you, place sticky notes on the State or along the route where this attraction is to be found. (You will find that soon you won't be able to see the map.) It will also help you to become familiar with where places are in relation to other places.

    Another thing which has helped me a great deal is to have an ordinary school book of at least 48 pages - one for every State. (DC can share with Rhode Island or Delaware. LOL) As you learn about a place or attraction or whatever, just write it down on the page of the State where it is located. It makes a great reference, you are not going to remember the hundreds, maybe thousands of places, attractions and services you will come across in the next three years. Information such as from the TV program you mention, can go in the book.


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    Thanks for the advice. I need to purchase my map and begin sticking pins in it. My partner and l then need to, along with the kids, write down things we want to see and do. I know my daughter wants to go to Tennesse! And my partner wants to do some food challenges laid down by Adam Richman on Man vs Food. Donna

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