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    Default Eastern WA to Las Vegas, then to California and back up the coast!

    I have some time off from work in the beginning of August and have to decided to take a road trip with 3 other friends. I've come up with a seemingly solid plan, but since this is my first I thought I'd run it by some of the seasoned road trip veterans of this board for any advice.

    We'll be starting out from George, WA after a concert on July 31st. Our first leg will take us to Wells, NV where we plan to spend the night at a campground or somewhere cheap.* The next day, August 1st, we plan on driving to Las Vegas and spending two nights there. Our third leg will begin on August 3rd, we will drive from Vegas to Burbank, CA in hopes of getting tickets to the Jay Leno Show! The next day we will drive up to Chico, CA where I have family and plan on spending the night. From this point we are driving up to Redwood Forest National Park to spend the day/night. Following this, we will drive our final leg back home to Tacoma, WA on August 6th, a week after leaving from George, WA.

    I placed an asterisk next to my stop in Wells, NV. I'm sure many of you have at least driven through here. I was wondering if this is a good place to stop, or if maybe there is a more interesting place to rest for the night somewhere within an hour of Wells.

    Also, if anybody knows of any cool or interesting roadside and natural attractions along the entire route, I'm very open to suggestions! Thanks!

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    You guys are planning some pretty long days, so you won't have much time for doing any sightseeing other than out the windows of the car.

    The halfway point between George WA and LV is actually Twin Falls, so I wouldn't try to go any farther than Wells. Wells has a few hotels and RV parks. Twin Falls does have a better selection, it's a considerably larger city.

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    Thanks! I figure between the 3 or 4 of us going, we can just switch out driving shifts. And we have a little time to mess around with so we can slow it down if necessary.

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    Out there in the sticks, you really shouldn't be driving after dark if you can help it. You also can't see anything!

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