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  1. Default vegas to west coast and back!!please help

    Hello everybody,I hope you can come up with a few suggestions.I am travelling to vegas on th 21st September for 2 weeks with the missus.We have hired a campervan from the 22nd so have 13 nights on the road,we are planning to go from vegas to san diego(perhaps tijuana,what do you think?not driving through though)up to L.A then upto San fransisco then back to vegas through yosemite national park.What are the best points of interest whilst touring?we have both just reached the big 40!!!hope you can be of assistance

    Shane & Justine

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This is far and away the most frequently discussed route on this forum, so rather than try to restate whats already been said, or guess at your particular interests, I would really encourage you to start your planning by simply doing a little more looking around. These are a few of the many great threads that can help you get started.

    I will say, you might consider reversing your direction, so that you end up going down the coast - putting the ocean and the turnouts on your side of the road - as you follow the pacific coast highway.

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    thank you

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    Default Grand canyon ?

    A wonderful time of year to travel !

    I don't know what the current status is at the border but I am not sure it would be top of my list. I would however consider heading to the Grand canyon South rim for a night or 2 and then West towards San Diego, you have the time to do so and it's a great place to be in the RV. Mather campground is in a wooded setting and a short stroll to the rim to witness a sunset. In Yosemite the campgrounds at the valley floor [Lower, Middle, North Pines] are also a great place to stop, you can find the info at

    From Yosemite to Vegas you can head over Tioga pass [CA120] out of Yosemite and drive across Death valley but RV renters have restrictions for summer travel through the valley but in Sept you might be OK but will have to check your agreement to be sure.

  5. Default Vegas,yosemite,San Fran,L.A,San Diego,Vegas again

    Please help.My wife and I are travelling to vegas in September,we have rented a camper van for 13 nights and intend travelling through yosemite upto San Fran (alcatraz)then down to L.A back on the coast road to San diego and possibly walk into tijuana??I have looked at a number of threads however I cant seem to put an itinerary together with the timescales we have,any help would be much appreciated or any more points of interest to take in would also be appreciated.

    Shane & Justine
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    Default specifics

    What things are you specifically confused about? Considering the vast amount of information provided in the links and responses you've been given, I'm not sure where you are having a problem. Ultimately, this is a forum where we certainly enjoy helping people put their trips together, but we're not a full service travel agency where we can just build a trip for you.

    If you share with us what you've come up with for an itinerary, and tell us what parts you are having difficulty with, we'll certainly tell you what things are reasonable, what things aren't, and what things could be improved with some minor changes. We'll also do our best to answer any questions you have along the way, but we really need to know more about where you are getting stuck to provide much more in the way of help.

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