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    Default eastern PA to Niagara Falls n back

    hi, just came across this forum when searching google :)

    reading all the threads, I believe I can get better advice here rather than reading AAA's book. we're planning a road trip (in a sedan! argh!) next week, from eastern PA (we're about 2 hrs away from Philadelphia) to Niagara Falls, NY. there will be 2 kids tagging along. we haven't booked any hotel and do not plan to camp (the kids will be lost if we do, they love to explore). our bro-in-law did this last year with his wife & kid, and they don't really enjoy it. we don't want to our kids to experience the same, so we figured we get ready first.

    the kids likes to be outside, the older one really get bothered by bugs and hot weather, while the younger one loves to run around. we're not too much into nature (long walk in the forest is a no-no).

    thanks for reading. we're open to any suggestion.

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    Default Besides Long Walks in the Forest

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The country you'll be driving through is some of the most beautiful and historic in the northeast, and there's lots to do besides hike. Just the drive up the Susquehanna River Valley can be scenic. Watkins Glen State Park in New York offers a hike of a different kind up through a narrow gorge with lots of rapids and waterfalls. Across northern New York, there's the old Erie Canal with plenty of historic towns, museums and wildlife refuges. Letchworth State Park is another outdoor venue worth checking out, And the Fort Niagara at the northern end of the Niagara River should appeal to any young boy.


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    hiya AZBuck!

    thanks for replying. the wildlife refuge might be something appealing for the kids, as they both loves animals. is it something like a zoo? or will it be like the safari style that requires you to drive through the wide open area? thanks!

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    Default Nothing So Commercial

    The wildlife refuges I had in mind, Montezuma and Iroquois, are part of the National Wildlife Refuge System paid for by your tax dollars. There are typically trails and interpretive centers, but neither you nor the animals will be caged. I recently completed a RoadTrip with my own two grandsons, ages 4 and 7, and they loved stopping at these sorts of places, but don't expect to be entertained.


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