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  1. Default new orleans to savannah inland trip

    Hi there,
    as part of our trip we thought it would be fun to drive from new orleans to savannah hoping to hit scenic routes and drive by southern towns and cities .but we're not having much luck.
    Can someone suggest a route that they may have taken which is off the beaten track ?
    thank you

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    Default Navigation Beyond What the GPS is Capable Of

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    Until you get to Mobile, you don't have a lot of choices. You can take I-10 and make time, or you can take US-90 and drive through every beach town along the Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama coastline. But from Mobile, some combination of US-31/US-29/US-84/AL-52/AL-62/US-82/GA-112/GA-107/US-319/GA-117/GA-19/GA-56/US-280/US-80. That's the price you pay for wanting to travel scenic route that is off the beaten track. It sometimes requires serious navigation. Beyond the capabilities of a GPS unless you first determine where you're going and then give the unit town by town directions.


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    wow that's detail. thanks alot for that. should I be able to map those roads in somewhere and come back with a driving route ? I'll search the net anyhow.
    thanks again !

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    Give me some context. Are you from NOLA or flying in from elsewhere? What kinds of scenic routes and southern towns and cities are you hoping to see? There are jillions of beach towns in the Florida panhandle. Are you interested in anything particular like camping, or great places to eat or history?

    Frankly as a southerner I can tell you that a lot of southern towns and cities of a certain small size look similar. (Sometimes the big ones look alike, too.) New Orleans and Savannah are both interesting and Mobile can be, too. Looking at google maps, there's not a whole lot else besides the beach towns that jumps out at me. If you like nature/alligators/etc you might like to check out Okefenokee. I've never been, but grew up around swamps, and they can be pretty interesting places if you like that sorta thing. Might not be what you're looking for, though.

    If you go to google maps you can ask it to avoid highways.

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    hi there,
    we're flying into NOLA and driving across to Savannha..
    we're more into the historical aspect so we may drive through mobile and onto selma and montgomery. from there we're not expecting too much as the information is lacking.
    I'll definitely look into googlemaps, thanks for the tip !

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