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  1. Default Trying to convince my parents to let me travel to Florida...

    My best friend and I are planning a July 2010 road trip to Orlando, starting in Dallas. She will be 19, and I'll be 18. I've never been in an accident. She's only been in two, neither of which were her fault.We're paying for the entire trip ourselves, and not asking for ANYTHING from our parents. This is what we've come up with so far:

    -We'll calculate exactly how far it is plus the estimated gas mileage my car gets, and let them know that we have well over enough funds.

    -We're giving them detailed packets of information including our travel itineraries, where we think we might lose cell service, where we're planning on stopping, and hotel information and contact numbers.

    -We're driving in 3 hour shifts or less, and the passenger can sleep if they need to.

    -We'll stop frequently to avoid "highway hypnosis"

    -We're buying pepper spray and a screecher, since we're both teenage girls.

    -We're getting my oil changed + new tires two weeks before the trip

    -I already have roadside assistance for my car

    -We picked a hotel that we can legally check into at 18, and that has shuttle service for the theme parks we want to visit so we don't have to pay extra for parking.

    What else should we do to ease our parent's minds? We're good kids, we don't go to parties, drink, do drugs, etc. We're just really hoping we can convince them that we'll be ok. This isn't totally unreasonable, right?

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    You should take 2 days to make the drive each way, with a hotel stop midway. Don't even think of driving straight through even if you rotate driving duty. You are looking at 10 to 12 hours on the road each day, which is safest if you drive only during daylight hours. Choose the stop carefully, subject to your parents' approval, in a verifiable safe area.

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    Thanks, glc! We were hoping we could make it in 1 day, because that's what google maps said. But you're right, we'll need to stop halfway.

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    Default Too Late for Us to Help?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The fact is you've been convincing your parents whether or not your ready for this trip for the last 18 years, so there's little we or anyone else can do to help you convince them otherwise at this point. The points you've addressed so far are good as far as they go, but you have to also look at this from their side. It doesn't seem like it to you, I'm sure, but your driving record is terrible, The two of you have an accident every two years on average. 'Fault' is not at issue. Keep that in mind as you argue your case. Also, one or two of your talking points actually argue against your understanding of what's required. For example, if you want to be safe you will always have two people awake, with the second person making sure that the driver does not doze off. Doing all the planning without their involvement may also backfire. Ask their advice on how to make the plan better, and follow it.

    I wish you well and hope that you have earned their trust to the point that they let you do this. RoadTripping is a great, and generally very safe activity. Remember that everywhere you'll be on this trip is somebody's hometown and they live, and drive, there perfectly well every day.


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    I totally agree with everything you said except for our driving record. In the two years I've been driving, I've never even come close to an accident. In the three years my friend has been driving, she's been rear-ended twice, both while stopped at red lights, so there was really nothing she could have done to avoid it.

    The rest of your tips, however, are things we'll definitely have to think about while making our plans.

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    You have to add 20% to Google Maps predicted drivetime. Computers never have to stop and never get delayed by traffic or even red lights.

    I'm glad you changed your mind and decided to take 2 days. If you were my daughter and you approached me with this plan, and matter-of-factly said that you were going to drive straight through, I would immediately disapprove of your trip - you would not be showing me enough good judgement or maturity to make me comfortable. I would not want you to be driving in unfamiliar territory after dark, with or without a GPS. I would want you safely checked into a hotel and eating a proper dinner in a close-by restaurant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    The fact is you've been convincing your parents whether or not your ready for this trip for the last 18 years, so there's little we or anyone else can do to help you convince them otherwise at this point.
    That's pretty much what I was going to say. All the plans in the world don't equal personal knowledge of your level of responsibility.

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