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    Default Motorcycle road trip from San Diego, CA to Keystone, CO


    Just joined the group. Trying to create a route map from San Diego, CA to Keystone, CO.

    Planning on attending the AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference in August.

    It looks as if I will be doing this trip alone since my friends will actually be headig back to San Diego, the day the conference starts.

    I haven't traveled through Utah (other than 4 corners :D ) and recently rode through Colorado (Pueblo and Ouray), on my way back to San Diego.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has a great sceneric route with the proper gas stops (approx. 185 miles) that they could share with me.

    I've only followed people, never created a road trip myself, so this will be interesting. :)



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    No advice, but having just FAILED my motorcycle license test, I'm jealous.

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    Did you take the motorcycle safety course?

    Here in Cali, you take the test as part of the safety, no testing at the DMV.

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    Default Time.

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    How long have you got for the ride ?

    If you want to stay of Interstate then you could ride through the Prescott NF and Sedona on the 89 all the way to the 160. The Grand canyon would be an obvious detour as would M/V onto the 163. Mesa Verde on the way to Keystone would be another nice stop.
    You would have to check on gas station mileage as I am unsure but I don't think it would be a problem. You should be able to find suitable locations by using the Internet search engine.

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    Hi Dave:

    Thanks for the info. I will be on the road for a total of 14 days. Arriving at Keystone, CO the day before or day of 8/19 and leaving either 8/22 or 8/23 and working my way back to San Diego.

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    Zion N.P to Bryce N.P. to Capital Reef to I-70 and Moab if you have time.
    Hwy. 9, 12 and 24 are some of the most scenic roads I have ever ridden.
    Hwy. 128 from Moab, Utah to I-70 is a great road also. I really like riding in Utah!!!

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    Default A nice loop.

    With the time you have I 100% agree with Rollin' regarding Zion, Bryce and C/reef.
    Very,very scenic and a detour into Moab will be well served with a side trip to Arches NP.

    You could make a nice round trip building on both suggestions.

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    Thanks Rollin' and Dave. I will take that suggestion. When I'm done with my trip, I'll post the entire route with a map, like I did on my 15-day road trip this past June '08.


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