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    Default First RV Trip

    My husband and I are planning our first vacation by RV this summer.
    We want to see sites in West Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico,
    Colorado, Nevada and Kansas, and Utah, and Southern California.
    All we know to see for now is the Seqouia trees in Ca. and the Grand Canyon.
    Anybody have some ideas about "must sees" in these areas, as it is only going to be a two week vacation. Thanks.

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    Default Two weeks? (Where you starting from?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Vacation View Post
    My husband and I are planning our first vacation by RV this summer.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Two weeks to see attractions in Texas, OK, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, etc. etc. is nearly impossible. You need to think a little about narrowing the focus a little. For starters, where are you starting from? Is this a rental RV?


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    Default Reply to Mark

    Yes, it will be a rental RV, and we will be starting from the Dallas, Tx. area where we live.

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    Default A few ideas for you

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Vacation View Post
    Yes, it will be a rental RV, and we will be starting from the Dallas, Tx. area where we live.
    OK, you might find this checklist helpful when you pick up your rental. This is a great book for providing and overview of rental RV vacations. Here is an overview about campgrounds and RV boondocking.

    The maximum number of miles you should consider driving in a RV (including allowing time for the set-up and tear-down tasks that have to be done every day in a RV) is 500 miles, so for two weeks, you need to allow six travel days between Dallas, the Grand Canyon and the Redwoods and if you were to add in stops in Colorado and Nebraska -- you would be on the road way too many days. You can do such a trip -- but it is going to feel like a "job" and won't be very relaxing.

    A further note: I have driven nearly half a million miles in a RV -- and I know something about the level of work required to move a RV from point A to B. You really need to slow down the pace of this planned trip a bit.

    But here is a round trip RV adventure with some gorgeous photos that you might find helpful (it covers much of the area you expressed an interest in)

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    I agree for only two weeks limit your stops to things you really want to see, leaving enough time to not be rushed seeing them. I would also suggest only including extended stops in places that are farther away from home, say more that 750 miles. Places closer to home your more likely to see at another time.

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    hi there. that link mark referred to was our first ever trip in an r.v. and we loved every moment of it.however i agree with the above comments,you are probably trying to do to much in that amount of time.other than "driving through" on freeways i would'nt want to drive 500 miles a day in an r.v.we had a 30ft c class and although very good you are not going to make the miles as you would in a car,especially on the smaller highways where bends and climbs will really knock your mph averages down,unless you want to overwork the engine and get about 4 mpg. [not to mention keeping the china wear in tact,lol!].with so much to stop and see in certain areas a 350 mile drive can easily equate to an 8-10 hour day. getting from a to b is one thing,but we were constantly amazed at all the bits in between,so take your time and see more of less.
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  7. Default Hope I'm not to late

    I just saw your post and I'm sorry to say I agree with everyone else that you are taking on to much for a 2 week trip. We have had a motorhome for 15 years so I speak from experience.

    If you dead head it with two straight days of driving (1056 miles) you could make the Grand Canyon and do some siteseeing on the return trip home. I'd spend at least two nights at the S. Rim of the Grand Canyon. Make reservations for the Mather Campground (no hook ups), then from there move up to Lake Powell for a night or two. Do the 1/2 day Lake Powell Tour or do the 1/2 day float trip on the Colorado River out of Page, AZ or do both! Also check out the Antelope Slot Canyon tour (land tour). From here head to Zion National Park for a couple nights, then on to Bryce for at least one more night, then I'd head up scenic Hwy 12 to Torrey, Utah and then head east on Hwy 24 to Captiol Reef National Park and spend a night or two here. From Hanksville, but across Hites Crossing to Natural Bridges National Monument before arriving at Monument Valley (near Gouldings). Spend the night in Gouldings Campground. Then head over to Mesa Verde National Park for a couple of nights before heading back home.

    Let me know if you need more information on campgrounds at these parks

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