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The Priest River North Idaho held us captive for a week. We kept feeling like we were in some kind of summer paradise. Can the water in the river really be that warm, that clear, that inviting? Does sunset turn the hills to gold every night? Are there really that many stars? The beauty kept stunning us at every turn.

As if the scenery weren't enough, the people were pretty grand, too. We met Terry & Brenda Cooper, for example. They're both accomplished skiers, and Terry is a videographer who also invents things like the amazing bicycle boat trailer he uses to get his kayak to the lake every day. Sandy Schulz & Jo Ann Ball have created an idyllic RV resort right on the edge of the river. Steve Van Ronk has a business that grew out of his interest in electric vehicles, and Dan & Kathy Garcia gave up corporate careers in Alaska to open Monarch Mountain Coffee, a specialty roastery in Sandpoint. Before we left, we were especially glad we happened upon one of North Idaho's newest treasures, Dianna's Weeping Trees Botanical Garden and its creator, Dianna May.

It's not surprising that we found a baffling GIZMO in an area so rich in creative people. What is surprising is that we were able to leave before the first snowfall. As we packed up the Phoenix and left Fox Farm today, we were surprised a week had slipped by. Summer in Sandpoint is like that. It flows by as smoothly as the river, so softly you don't even notice.

Our next stop is Wallace, another town in northern Idaho. This one's known historically for mining, but right now it's in the news because a movie is being filmed there, "Dante's Peak." Hope you'll join us for a visit!

Mark Sedenquist, Megan Edwards, & Marvin the Road Dog


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