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Bicycle Boat Trailer

Home, home in the fast lane...Sandpoint, Idaho —

When you want to go boating, the last thing you want to worry about is parking a car and a boat trailer at a crowded marina. For Terry Cooper of Sandpoint, Idaho, parking hasn't been a problem since he invented and built this trailer for his kayak. "I just pull right up to the boat ramp, and I'm in the water," he says. He built the prototype out of wood, and it worked so well he wore it out. Pictured here is the latest model, crafted in metal by a local machinist.

Mark gave the rig a test drive. "It corners really well. I expected it to feel unweildy, but it's totally stable," he said when he got back. "You'd have the bike flat on the ground, and you still couldn't get the trailer to tip over," says Terry. "The design is based on a triangle, and that gives it both strength and stability."

For more information about Terry's boat trailer, contact:

Terry Cooper
Hot Shots Video Productions
807 Oak Street
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Telephone: (208) 263-6032

July, 1996