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    Default 3-Week Country Trip...HELP!!!

    Me and a buddy are planning a 3-week trip starting in the beginning of June. We are on Motorcycles, not 4-wheeled vehicles.

    We are just starting to plan. We are starting in Virginia, and are taking tent/sleeping bags, and plan to hit a few campgrounds along the way. (Cheaper than a motel) We want to see the country, have good riding roads, see some sites, etc. You get the picture. Heres the delimma: We'd like to go down to Florida to see the Keys and the everglades, but beyond that, I have no idea of any other sites to see down in the south! Trying to stay away from gigantic cites (Don't want to get run over) but the keys and florida is the ONLY exception. Anyone have any ideas????

    We have 3-weeks, and we are not rich.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoesKZ750
    have good riding roads,

    We'd like to go down to Florida to see the Keys and the everglades,
    You realise that those are contradicting goals for a motorcyclist!

    What kind of distances do you expect to cover per day?

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    Default Not Much to Go On

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    OK - You've told us you're on a motorcycle and you're going to Florida from Virginia for a few weeks. With just that as a lead, here are a few other places and attractions that might interest you, none of which are terribly expensive. The Outer Banks of North Carolina; Fort Sumter, the Hunley and Patriot's Point in Charleston, SC; Stone Mountain, GA; the Great Smoky Mountains in NC and TN, and finally, the Blue Ridge in Virginia. Also be sure to check out our tips on traveling cheap.


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    Default Along the East Coast to the Glades

    Hi JoesKZ750,

    Here are two posts 1 2 about east coast attractions. You could stay at Flamingo's Campground on the waterfront in the Everglades they apparently have pretty cool campsites. Hopefully, they will be open again when you show up.


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    How are these contradicting goals? Are you saying there are no good riding roads in Florida?

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