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    My Girlfriend and I are hoping to spend 4 weeks exploring the west and south-west regions of the U.S. We are travelling from Ireland, and although I've travelled on the east coast I've no idea of what awaits me on the west coast. We intend on flying into L.A in early september, renting a car and taking it from there. Obviously we'd want to visit such places as the grand canyon, san francisco, Las Vages and arrive back in L.A to fly home. Any advice on routes and places to visit along the way would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA board! If you'll select search on the green menu bar, and enter southwest as a search term, you'll come up with dozens of prior posts on this area. Also, try search terms like Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Yosemite, Las Vegas, etc, and check out those threads. Here's a link also to get some ideas from Gerald Thurman, who's been all over the southwest. Once you have a better idea of the places you want to see, it is easier to plan a route that gets you there. Also, check out the information we have for RoadTrip Planning and information for International visitors -- these will be a help to you as well. Bob

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    Driving from L.A. to San Francisco, I would drive up the coast, through Monteray - you can visit the aquarium, and see seals along the beach it's very beautiful. Since, your going to the Grand Canyon, you can stop at Lake Havasu, or even go a little north and visit Las Vegas.
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