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    Default Chicago to Charlottesville

    I am new the whole road trip things so this will be my leaving Chicago and headed to Charlottesville,VA and was wondering if anybody could suggest some cool things to visit/see along the way, i belieive my current route is to go through indiana, scoot over kentucky and then up to VA..any suggestions would help out a great deal....Thanx

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    From your description it sounds like you're going to head first to either Louisville or Lexington and then take I-64 east to Charlottesville. Some interesting stuff along that general route would include:

    In Indiana, just off I-65 before crossing into KY, there are 385 million year old fossils at Falls of the Ohio State Park.

    In Kentucky, while Mammoth Cave NP is a bit far off your route, you could still see some caves and natural bridges at Carter Caves State Resort Park.

    In West Virginia, try the Midland Trail, a scenic route that parallels I-64.

    And, of course, while you're in Charlottesville, take the time to visit Monticello.

    Hope those are cool enough for you.


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