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    Default Road trip from Seattle to Indianapolis on Jan 1

    First road trip ever, and alone :( I really wanna know what the road conditions will be during new year(planning to be in Indy Jan 3rd or 4th) on I-90 and I-80(two interstates I will most travel on during the trip), will there be a lot of snow and ice? Need advise... and I am planning to get a membership from AAA, wanna know the different between two level of memberships, is there any other differnet except 100 mi free tow/ 5 miles free tow? Thanks a lot!!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest


    Greetings and welcome to RTA! To answer your first question, about weather on your route, you really can't tell this far in advance. Sometimes those roads are clear sailing in mid-winter, other times you'll find yourself in the wildest winter weather this country could throw at you. Best thing would be to plan for the worst. Interstates are usually kept very clear even in the worst weather, but you still might encounter some snow and ice. So, watch the weather, get a CB radio with Weather Band (see the gear up section!), and just plan for the worst!

    To answer your second question, I happen to be an insider into AAA. I work with AAA Arizona Automotive Services, which also runs Emergency Road Service. There is a third level of membership available, called RV Plus. It has all the benefits of Plus (the 100 mile no charge tow option) extended to your RV, Travel/Camping/Tent Trailer, Boat Trailer). So unless you're driving an RV or towing a camper, RV Plus is really just a waste of money. Personally, I advise the Plus option (and carry it myself). Some clubs have begun offering what they call the Premier membership, which comes with additional services such as a dedicated Roadservice Number, concierge service, and some additional road services. While this is accepted nationwide, you can't get it from every AAA Club (example, our Northern California club offers Premier, but Arizona doesn't at this time, but a Northern California member can get the Premier road service benefit in Arizona). I hope that makes sense.

    To find out more about what your individual club offers (that would be AAA Washington/Inland), I recommend visiting a branch office, calling their member services office, or visiting, as my club has different prices and policies than yours. I recommend calling, so that you can talk with someone and ask questions. Ask them about all of the bennies and the differences, and if they offer a Premier, but don't be disappointed if they don't, because it is brand new.

    Good luck on your trip!
    -Brad M.
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    dale0318 Guest

    Default Thanks!

    Those info. u posted are very useful, thank you very much Brad!

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