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    Default Mid way stop from Phila to Gatlinburg

    I plan to drive to Gatlinburg, TN from Philadelphia during Christmastime. Since it is 10 hours drive. I will stop in the little town along RT81 to take the break and sightseeing. Any suggestion ? I have been Roanoke before. I prefer to have another town to visit. In priceline, which area should I select for the stop ? Thanks.

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    Default Half Way

    Well, it so happens that almost exactly halfway between Philly and Gatlinburg is the historic town of Lexington, Va. The entire downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places, so it should be about what you're looking for. The town also has some special Christmas programs including house tours. In Priceline, you want Lexington, Virginia, NOT Lexington/Earlysville.


  3. Default Lexington

    I second that suggestion. Here's a suggestion for lodging, and be sure to take a look at the "things to do" section on the connected web pages! Bob

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    Thanks. On my way back to Phila which route I should take and rest and sightseeing. At the time around Christmas and New Years. maybe I have good show in Lime Kiln Theater.

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    Default An Alternate Route

    If you're looking for some more relaxing roads than the Interstates, there are several possibilities. Unfortunately, at the time of year you'll be travelling, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are more than likely to be closed with snow. They are not maintained through the winter. I'd suggest that you stay to the valleys and the major US roads, but even with that restriction, there are still many pleasant drives for the way back.

    US-11 parallels I-81 and gives you the choice between exploring some of the small towns of the Shenandoah Valley or hopping on the Interstate if you need to make time. You could also take US-221 from Roanoke east to US-29 north and see Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. You would then continue north and pick up US-15 through Frederick and Thurmont, MD up to Gettysburg, PA. From there you would get back to Philly on US-30.

    With a few exceptions, all the roads I've suggested are 4 lane divided highways, and are major arteries that should be kept relatively clear should it snow during your trip.


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