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    Default ROADTRIP from WA to SC in Nov.

    My famiily and I are planning a road trip from WA to SC in Nov. 2005 (relocating & decided driving is a lot more "scenic"). Any suggestions ??? first time EVER doing a roadtrip so very open to any suggestions or advice.

  2. Default What's your style?

    You probably cannot answer that question since you haven't done this before, but you'll need to think about that in order to plan properly.

    This journey will be approx 2900 miles -- I'd suggest taking about 6.5 days for it -- minimum -- more if you can. This is the minimum for just the driving.

    We have pages and pages of information for starting and planning roadtrips -- just follow the provided link to our RoadTrip Planning section and you'll learn enough to get you started.

    If you have extra time to spend, there's a TON of stops and side trips to make along your route -- get a map and take a look -- you'll be able to find something for everyone. For starters, Yellowstone NP (2 days min), the Black Hills (2 days min), Badlands NP (1 day), Kansas City and Independence/Westport (Oregon Trail sites, 1 day), St Louis and the Gateway Arch (an afternoon), and Great Smokey Mtns NP (at least 1 day) are all along the way. How can you go wrong! Bob


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