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    Default Seven Day Trip -- NC to Montana

    This is the summary report filed by member "UNSeaBlu04" about her seven day trip from Kernersville, North Carolina to Montana. To read Heather's complete report (it is quite fascinating) click here.

    Car driven – 2002 Kia Rio
    Length of Trip – 7 days
    States traveled through – 14
    Miles covered - 3,516
    Avg. miles per day – 502.3
    Avg. MPH – 59.7
    Avg. miles per gallon – 35.9
    Total $ Spent - $1077.26 ~$154/day (plus $ spent on souvenirs and gifts for other people. Don’t think I wanna add that one up)
    Gas $212.83
    Most Expensive gas - $2.63 in Spokane, WA on 6.17.05
    Least Expensive gas - $1.99 in Kansas City, M0 on 6.13.05
    Hotels $348.31 (Camping would have been fine with me, but we were on the move - driving long hours and leaving early - so it wasn’t all that convenient)
    Food $190.73
    Entry Fees $84.00 (Inc. $50 for National Parks Pass- definitely got my moneys worth & still going)
    Parking & Tolls $17.50
    Plane Ticket $202.00 (bro had to get home)
    Oil Change $17.99
    Car Wash $4.00
    Insect population – Down 5% by way of windshield splatter
    Road kill – A lot
    Silos – A lot more
    Fast Food restaurants eaten at - McDonalds twice because there was nothing else or nothing open when we were hungry. We tried to avoid them like the plague. We mostly ate at local cafés/diners in small towns for breakfast and dinner. We met some pretty interesting people. What is it with ketchup or Tabasco in the West? I like hot sauce, don’t get me wrong, but on your eggs??? We just snacked on granola bars and stuff for lunch.

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    I admire all of you who track such details while traveling. I just know I spent $xxxx cash on-hand. I could get details from the debit card statement on other stuff so I guess that part is do-able. I'm too lazy to track the cash though. But these reports are interesting so maybe I should try it sometime.

    Off to check out the roadtrip report...

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